Friday, August 1, 2008


Starter kit is 195.95 includes machine, cutting pads, 2 exclusive sies - scallop envelope and top note, exclusive sizzlitz 4pack birds and blooms, exclusive decorative strip die - join in the cheer as well as the decorative strip cutting pads and extended spacer platfor. If you want the bag which is a FREAKING ADORABLE BLACK N WHITE CHECKED DOCTORS BAG - the kit is 259.95.

The little round baskets you can make will make you scream!! Shellis whole apron was made out of sizzix cuts! We will be selling exclusive vinyl and chipboard to use with it!!!!

There are alphabets -GoGo boots, serif essentials - so you can cover chipboard letters with paper with no hand cutting! I got some awesome pics!!

Kids birthday parties will never be the same!!!


  1. Oh...can't wait to see the photos!!! Thanks for sharing your information.

  2. Gotta tell ya!-- I come to your blog FIRST to check it all out!! I love how you write, the excitement flies off the screen!!!
    Thanks for all yuor postings- I love the little Pierre!! lol

  3. You are doing it again! All over SCS!! The updates are sooo exciting! I can't wait to see today's pics. If you get to your hotel room today and see this weird lady carrying a sign that says "Will Pay to See Photos" that would be me!! JK....are conventiones the only ones who can preorder?? I must pull myself away. I have to pay my electric bill so I can continue to stalk your blog :)

  4. WOW!!!

    Great thing about Sizzix dies is that they work with the Cuttlebug....YIPPEE!!!!

    OK, today I am packing/prepping/praying that we make it to Florida tomorrow. So I will only be checking in with you here once an hour instead of 4 times an hour. Just so you!

    Have fun today...


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