Saturday, August 16, 2008

What IS Art, anyway?

The answer today, 8.16.08?

Three things:

1) A card
2) A sticker I saw on my walk today
3) My famous mac & cheese

Art is where you find it.

1) First, OWL TOGETHER NOW IS SO DARN CUTE! I hope Sock Monkey doesn't find out how much I adore particularly this fat little owl. He looks like the little softball sized owls that live in a tree in my backyard, and silently swoop down over my head if I'm sitting out back at twilight. You wanna talk about ART - look at a real owl.

This background paper is all from the new Haiku series - it is stunningly intricate. You will love playing with it.

I used the new Curly Label punch and just freehand paper pierced it and then ran around the holes with my chocolate chip marker.

I colored Chubby and the branch with Copics : E15, E33, E08, 26, YR04, YR23, YG13 and then cut them out. I used a Copper metal edged tag, a 1" and a 1.25" circle punch for the greeting and added some Chocolate Chip Grograin ribbon.

Finally - fake stitches with the white gel pen around the edges.

2) Now, on to this unusual little piece of street art. Sometimes I see things that just make me wish I could talk to the person who did them. I couldn't in this case, so I have to make up a story in my head.

So I think this person, who is clearly a postal worker with limited use of the English language but a lot of office supplies (markers, highlighters, mailing labels), lost his or her androgynous friend. You can tell they are androgynous because it/he/she is wearing pink, is somewhat curvy about the top, and yet has chest hair. I'll call this person "Terry". Now Terry is either a very important person or visiting for a convention or something because if you can look away from the chest hair for a moment you will notice that Terry has an ID badge of some sort on. Poor Terry may have missed THE MOTHER SHIP!!! Now the postal worker with limited English has seen lots of signs with lost cats and dogs on them, and so he or she knows that the network of lost things is maintained exclusively on light and power poles and so he or she did the only thing he or she could. Posted Terry's picture on the network in the hopes that someone will find Terry and save Terry from the uncertain fate of those lost souls whose teeth have been filed into points.

Won't you help find Terry? Please contact the light pole network immediately if you have information leading to Terry's return.

3) Are you jealous? You should be. You should covet my mac & cheese. It takes hours, a roux, a stick of butter, four cheeses, half a gallon of milk, buttered bread, and every pot in the house to make. Made it tonight - it was much easier to cook with no pesky fingerprints getting in the way!

It does tend to act like a narcotic though - I get verrrry sleepy after this yummy cheesy goodness....

Hope you had a good Saturday.


  1. Are you going to share the recipe?? Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  2. the owl card makes me covet that curvy label punch and makes me happy i bought the haiku paper (designed by kristina werner, by the by).

    i'm with lynne: since you said that this should be in every pot, fork over the recipe and no one'll get hurt!

    i'm going to the grocery later this afternoon, so don't leave me hangin'.

    if this is one of those recipes where, if you share it, you'll have to kill me with your new hit (wo)man skills, then i'll pass...

  3. I have a mac recipe with a roux, butter, milk, delicious cheeses, but why does yours LOOK better. Must have the recipe! Share and share alike, I have a from-scratch all chocolate divine brownie recipe....swap??

  4. Looks like coast food to me !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Lynda


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