Friday, August 15, 2008


It's true - she is coming to teach her brayer workshops here in Austin!! September 20-21, 2008!

If there was an American Idol for Stamping, this woman would be IT!!

(Note to self - start Stampin Idol for the fall season)

I am hosting her for the event, and I have 8 slots filled so far. There will be a total of four four hour workshops over these two days. Click here to sign up - Seats will go fast!

See this link for information about Michelle's schedule and her amazing work!!


  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! wish i lived in austin, because this is going to be WAYYYYYY FUNNNNNN!

  2. Oh man. I *do* live in Austin, but I'm hosting a fundraiser event at my house on Sunday. Hmmm. Thinking hard... could I swing doing the Saturday evening workshop and still get everything ready before Sunday at 11am... Hmmmmmmmm. :-D

  3. Just to let you know the Saturday afternoon workshop is almost full too, one spot left.



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