Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yep, What She Said

This is Maddie sticking her tongue out, which is how I felt today, so I thought I'd make her look all arty like some sort of elevated commentary on life, but really, just pfffffttttt.

Heh heh. Thanks Maddie.

Here's a simple Witch Hat Halloween project for ya. There are two steps, and I don't even have to chat about them, except to say I used the Stampin' Up! Clear Circle die to cut the circle for the top, then cut the circle in half to form the cone, so you get two out of each circle.

Enjoy, my pretties! <|:)

Step First
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  1. HA! I say Part First, Part Second ...

    Very clever project, young lady! VERY clever!

    WV: dightle. If I go on another dightle kill me.

  2. you so smart! I think you should show me how to make this complicated project in person in a couple of weeks. I'll pencil you in for Friday, October 16, mmmkay?

  3. P.S.
    Hope tomorrow's better, my friend!

  4. This is sooo cute, and yummy too!! I love it, Lydia!!

  5. If you're feeling down just click on that video to the left of your blog haha! It always make me laugh and I'm not even Lydia!

  6. I always forget to type in my name after I click "name" and become Anonymous, which I hate because I have a hard time spelling it and I don't want people to think I'm a weird lurker, so here are two posts for today. :)

  7. I hear you Maddie! Very cute project Lydia! Have a great night!

  8. Lydia,

    You and Maddie....yer doin it rite!

    Love these quick, cute and very clever little projects; and my absolute favorite candy to go with them! Yum!!!!!


    Lisa Atha

  9. Some days the cats just know!
    Love the hat!


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