Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yes, My Fox Can Watch Your Itty Bitty Sheep

Really. He won't even try to bite them, not even a little bit. You can tell by the cute, harmless look on his sweet little face. Nuh uh, not even one strand of wool on those baby sheep is in danger with this little fella.

Stamps: Into the Woods & Animals (Starving Artistamps, Doodle Factory), Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black
Cardstock: Really Rust, Kraft (Stampin' Up!) Accessories: Copics, Stampin' Up! Rubon, Rainbow Gallery Fluffy Fleece, Punches

I wonder why the micro sheep look so scared? ;)

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  1. HA!! That's ADORABLE! And I don't believe you. That fox is rubbing his tummy!!

  2. hah, you are brilliant. This one really made me smile.

  3. I'm with Libby. He's rubbin' his belly and thinking, "Yum, Yum!!"

  4. How many sheep did you start out with? I think there is one missing ????

  5. Lydia,

    I think the fox already ate one, he is rubbing his tummy and has a glazed look on his face! Maybe he hit the rest of them with a stun gun! haha. This is way to cute, loving it!




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