Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Best There Ever Was...

Am I the only stamper whose favorite movie is The Natural? I know it SEEMS like it should be the Sound of Music or that movie about a cat that walks a million miles or something, but it's not.

It's just, well - the best there ever was.

And, like Die Hard, Christmas Vacation and Elf, it's a movie I can go back to a million times and enjoy every time.

This little project is the stamping equivalent. I made these little tea books for the very first hostess club I ever had in 2001, and some of my girls, who later became my downline, still make and sell them at craft fairs and Christmas to this day. Every time I make them I have fun and wonder why I don't make them more often.

Here are all the little treats together, made with the new Costume Party set. I am fairly certain you can guess which of these is my fave!

Stamps: Doodle Factory Costume Party Ink: Stampin' Up! Basic Black Paper: Stampin' Up! Basic Grey, Basic Grey Eerie Collection Accessories: Stampin' up! Markers, 1.75" Circle Punch, Rectangle punch, Dusty Durango Polka Dot Ribbon, Sticky Strip

Each is a little folder, 7.5" x 3", scored at 3.5" and 4". The inside looks like this:
And it's just a sleeve of DSP that the tea or chocolate fits into. I've attached it with ribbon that ties vertically on the spine, with sticky strip, all sorts of variations.

It's sooo easy and quick and a nice holiday gift.

So bust out your simple wows from long ago if you want an easy smile. That's the deep thought of the week.


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  1. Eek, could those images be any cuter??! Love these! I need to learn to make cool folded things like this, they'd make such great favors! I get lost when it's anything beyond a simple card...

  2. OHH-EMM-GEE!! The little girl with the kitty?!?! So freakin' cute! I think I just fell off the couch, it's so cute.

    These are awesome, I just love them ALL. I'd have a tough time giving them away...I'm bad like that. ;)


  3. Lydia,

    I am going to guess that the one with the kitties is your favorite. They are all way too cute!


    Lisa Atha

  4. You were the very first person I learned this from, and I just made a few of those earlier this week! They are always appreciated (uh..hello...they have chocolate in them) and so sweet.

    I love the girl with the kitties, but the clown with all the paper piecing has got to be my favorite. I solemnly promise to invite you to my house for my annual first viewing of Christmas Vacation this year. We will nom on leftover turkey sandwiches with mayo and laugh until it hurts.

    Have an awesome night!

  5. You, my dear. taught me and showed me how to make these amazing little packets. I think we decorated them with a fruity orange slice stamp!
    As you know, I have made thousands of them, still making them, still so appreciated by the receivers and I, still appreciative that you showed me this amazing craft and all that it entails. Have a great day Lydia! I am off to craft some more of these ;)

  6. This is a great project.. love it!


  7. This is a great project! We are doing this project for our Saturday Stamping get together on October 10. I already made one as a sample for the others to follow. I can't wait to take a picture and post mine for you to see.

  8. These are ADORABLE!!! And I love that they are folders! How clever is that! Hmmm... how which is your favorite.....
    Happy Halloween~ Pea

  9. Thanks Lydia, I was just looking for some way to use my one eyed monster. This is perfect!


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