Sunday, September 13, 2009

Make a Squirrel Laugh Monday

Sooo, before the animals were loaded two by two onto the ark in Austin this weekend - yes, we went from drought to flood in 2.2 seconds - I TOLD YOU PEOPLE TO QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW DRY IT IS NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID - stupid rain. Wait - where am I? No seriously - not only did my own roof start leaking - thank you, Maddie, for alerting me to our roof leak by howling at the ceiling - but all the ceilings at work started leaking too. Have I mentioned the stupid rain?? And there better not be any comments from you rainiacs about how great it is either (Libby, Kim, etc.) or you will be the ones climbing up the scary ladder onto our roof today to get to work fixing it!

I don't like rain. I'm not sure if I've mentioned that before.

But anyway, before it started raining, there was a giant kerfuffle out in our front yard - lots of crazy animal noises. I walked out onto the porch to see what it was, and it was like a scene out of the little known Alfred Hitchcock film - "The Squirrels." In every tree in the front yard, there was a squirrel on each branch, sitting up, and busily eating a pecan from our pecan tree. Green pecans - blech. But it was like synchronized swimming. They're all facing the house, eating pecans like corn on the cob. It was actually a little creepy. I felt like if I stepped down off my front step they would all fly over and attach themselves to my face like that squirrel in Christmas Vacation.

I backed slowly into the house and thought to myself - "That's nuts."

Stamps: Doodle Factory Into the Woods & Sentiments, Cardstock: Whisper White, Pacific Point Blue, Old Olive (Stampin' Up!)
Ink: Memento Tuxedo Black, SU Old Olive, Soft Suede, Bashful Blue, Pacific Point Blue Accessories: Copics, White Gel Pen

So I made a card. Irene (The Doodle Factory) clearly understands moments like these, as you can see from the maniacal look on this little guy's face. He's a squirrel on the edge, I tell ya.

I brayered the background, and the rest is Copics. The font on the greeting was big enough that I could outline it in black with my .005 micron pen after I stamped it in Pacific Point Blue. If you click for a closeup you can see it.

Thank you Irene for giving me images for all my crazy life situations.

And you guys know what day it is - it's Make Me Laugh Monday!!

Make me laugh the hardest with a PG-13 comment on this post and you will win a stampy prize!!

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  1. Carp. Now I need these stamps. Your enabling kool aid iz so powerful.

    And I have a band of critters in the tree out front that provide endless kitty entertainment.

    WV: nessy.(n) The Loc Ness Monster is sometimes referred to as nessy.

    Alternate defn: Because of your kool aid, it is nessy for me to own these stamps.

  2. This is one of my favorite cards you've ever made! I love it!

  3. Awesome card and your described it so well I could picture myself walking out of the house and seeing that happening! Thank you! I have actually a funny audio clip that I will have to email you as I am not sure how to attach it to a comment. Its sure to make you laugh!

  4. WV: broysit

    "Broysit been raining!"

    Love the card!

  5. Rain and maniacal squirrels. That is why I don't live in Texas. Way to many places for them to hide out. It is scary, I tell you.
    I love the card!

  6. Wow, I love the bold background and I love your crazy squirrel story and this awesome card.

    You know, I'd lived 19 full years without seeing a real/live squirrel (I grew up in Hawaii, we had mongoose-mongeese?-instead)...

    Anyway, I FINALLY saw one when I moved to Brooklyn for college and my very first squirrel was seriously NUTS. I think it ate too many of the art kids' paint chips because it was literally bouncing between several trees, running up the trunk 5 feet like a bolt of lightning hit its butt, then flipping back down and ricocheting to the next tree. I turned to my friend and said "Uh, is that how all squirrels act?"..cause I'd never seen that on the nature channels.

    Also, I'm sure you've already seen this one:

  7. I just found this one today while playing on youtube, I think it has been around but its the first time I have seen it...Thought after your experience with the squirrels this weekend that you might enjoy it if you haven't seen it (or haven't seen lately!).

  8. Someone shared this on Facebook, and I love it!

  9. Lydia,

    Uh, well, I don't think I can make you laugh today, but oh my Lordy did you ever make me laugh today! I believe you on the rain and roof leaking story, but is that squirrel story really true! I gotta know, drop me an email and let me know...seriously. I can picture it in my mind, I just have to know how in the heck of it you come up with these funny stories, it must be true.

    Oh, little tidbit of info, did you know that there are black squirrels in this great country of ours? Yep, and we have them right here in Ohio! I had never seen one before, I knew there were gray ones, and brown ones, but black squirrels?! I saw my first one yesterday (Sunday) as I was coming out of church. They are way too cute too. Ok, I'm done.

    bye bye,

    The Cat Whisperer

  10. Darn it, I totally forgot to tell how much I like that card! Sorry.

    I love it! Gotta have that stamp!


  11. You gotta watch this video!

    My favorite is about 35 seconds in == when he's mid giggle and THEN --- so, so great!

    I've saved it for those days when I need some cheering up!

  12. oh my - that snookers is hilarious!!

  13. Wow Lydia - this card is AMAZING! Gorgeous! Love everything about it!

  14. Ireland they lived in the forest where they belonged. Imagine our surprize when we went to America the first time at the tender age of 11 and my brother 12...and went to the bronx Zoo..and these crazy squirrels came and ran up our legs looking for nuts...what fun..until one bit my brother hard enough to draw quite a squirt of blood and we ended up at the hospital and he had to have a rabies shot..or something...

    Hahahah...just glad it was him and not me...tehehehehe

    Oh..and did you hear the latest urban myth? Squirrels (which are actually rodents) have mated with rats and are called Scrats...true myth apparently.
    (OK just googled that little tidbit and apparently it is not true..but great story to fool people with LOL)


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