Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drop the Card and Step AWAY From the Trashcan..

If you remember this post - then you know how I feel about the fact that the real illusion of glamour happens after the shoot.

And I do mean illusion.

And while I don't approve of that illusion for humans, I definitely recommend it for cards.

If you're like me, you rarely used the fine tip of the Stampin' Write markers until you discovered this little ditty - COLOR SOLID IMAGES AFTER YOU STAMP, um, badly. :)

I wanted a little snow and sky with my cool new reindeer on the horizon. I didn't feel like stamping him once on blue and once on white and then cutting him, mostly because I'm lazy. So I put my card together, knowing that when I stamped on top of the joined pieces, I would get this:
It's okay! Don't panic and roll around on the floor.. sheesh - don't be so dramatic. And WHATEVER YOU DO, don't throw it away! all can be saved with your Basic Black Marker. Just take the fine point, and color. Since the markers all match, no one will ever know this sassy little reindeer's sketchy past! All they will ever know is this smooth, black image.
Magic, eh? Looks perfectly stamped. I can't believe I'm confessing this to you when I could have had you believe I just have exceptional skillz.
The card is so simple after that. I used a Martha Stewart border punch for the little village. It's like the Stampin' Up! scallop border punch - you can keep lining the image up on the base and punch an endless length of village. Super. Then I used my Tombo Multi glue and Dazzling Diamonds glitter to add some snow, and voila - a chilly little scene for Christmas.

The Dasher stamp is one of the sassy Under $10 stamps from the back of the catalog if you want to snap him up for your Christmas card.

Oh - and LOOK - Splotchy was the Daily Cat yesterday!!! *squeal*

Yipee - off to a short work week, then my stamp class on Saturday - are you registered?


Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness. That's freaking gorgeous. And dang it girl. You are evil! Now I NEED that punch!

    Hugs and grins

  2. Ok, I hate you for knowing how to do that. And I love you for knowing how to do that. I'm torn.

    Love the card! I, too, now need another punch. Give Splotchy a big hug from me, that photo was great and he deserved to be the daily cat. (Of course, aren't they all the daily cats in their minds?) Have a great one!

    WV: imunkyar--new app to put pirate primates onto your phone (sort of like trunk monkey, but to keep your cell phone safe from criminals)

  3. Congrats on being a Guest Designer for FCD this month and welcome!! Awesome blog!

  4. Oh, Lydia. You're a smart girlie! :) I'm a lazy stamper, so I would have said to myself, "Throw it away and get a drink instead! You really don't want to stamp!" LOL! Love that sparkleeeeee reindeer rump, and the peaceful scene you've created. Love.

  5. I do this ALL THE TIME! Mess up, then cover it up, yes, I do! LOVE the little village punch! It is on my wish list.

    WV: ovengise. Also known as 'baking'.

  6. Lydia,

    Congrats to Splotchy Paprika! What an awesome photo of her! SHE is such a pretty kitty.

    Awesome card! Love how you put that punched village in the background!


    The Cat Whisperer

  7. Brilliant I say! BRILLIANT! I NEVAH would have thought of that...duh...markers of course! You're awesome!

    YAY for Splotchy! I love your kittehs :D

    I wanna be you when I grow up, k?

  8. You are so much fun in your writing style! Did ya have to show me that MS punch used like this? I was trying NOT to buy it! HA! (That means I love this!)

  9. Ooohhh, LOVE your blog! Sheez, you do know how to write and keep the readers attention!!! Gorgeous projects, love this one and wow the gesso resist card is a stunner!

    Welcome to FCD this month! It will be great working with you!


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