Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Freedom Loving Dinosaur

You remember the blue dog post, right? How could you not?

Well I have been thinking about the blue dog this week, for various reasons, and when I finally had five seconds to sit down and make this card, I knew why.

Things just evolve sometimes and make sense afterwards, right?

On the second to last page of the book, the Blue Dog says "George has given me the freedom to find my place in his paintings, but my search for him is no longer restless, for the place we find when we search for love is our home forever."

I love this dog, and this painter, and this book. First, there's just the art. If someone asked me what I have been most loyal to in my life, I would have to say it's art. Not an artist, not a process, not a product or a tool, but art. It's just me. I truly define myself with the process of creating art, even when I fail at it, which happens daily. :)

In art, there is a great deal of freedom, which is maybe why it's so appealing. Freedom to do something and freedom to walk away. If there were some sort of forced labor camp for art, it would no longer be art, and no one would love it. As you know if you've had a pet, a leash does not equal love.

Here enters the wise blue dog, who says "the place we FIND when we search for love is our home forever." Not the place we've been dragged to on a leash.

Once again, everything you need to survive you can learn from James Herriot or George Rodrigue. :)

And seriously - have you ever seen anything cuter on the end of leash that this little fella??? Look - he's SMILING! :D

Stamps: Doodle Factory Prehistoric
Paper: Old Olive,Whisper White, (SU!) Basic Grey, Book Page
Ink: India, Soft Suede (SU!)
Accessories: Linen Thread, Stampin' Dimensionals,
(SU!) Copics

How bout those sassy Uggs the cave mom has on? Mm hmm - that's right - both Uggs and leashes are, well, Prehistoric.

Hope you have a fabby Thursday.

PS - I dreamed about my old pet, a golden retriever last night. I wonder why :)


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  1. I LOVE this card!!! It has everything going for it color, images, lay-out... the ART of it!!!

  2. I re-read the blue dog story, and it made me cry. Not a sad cry, but still...maybe my emotions are a bit raw these days.

    I love the uggs! Too cute! Art ROCKS!

    WV: chtses. He who chtses on his test will be punished.

  3. Cool card. When are we going to get pics of the furkids? You know how I love the pics of the furkids!

  4. Quite a moral in the tale especially this week! Never saw a happier leashed pet and my what a fashion sense Ms cave lady has! Cool card too my friend. Am I right in thinking the pictographs are a Lydia original or does Doodle Factory do cave art as well as cave people? Loved the burned look to the edges though I bet ink and not carbon got the effect.

    Hugs and blessings and have a happy/furry holiday weekend - Jean

  5. Ok, I am loving that tiny dinosaur, and those boots on the mom. Too cute card Lydia.


    Lisa Atha


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