Friday, September 4, 2009

I Want to Ride my Bicycle, I Want to Ride my Bike.

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. ~John F. Kennedy

I think the very first thing that ever gave me a concept of good graphic design in my life was a deck of Bicycle Playing Cards.

I remember being fascinated by the patterns, the teeny cherubs balanced on their bikes. the delicate little monochromatic design was good enough to be on currency, I thought. And the resolution, since it was just red or blue and white, was perfection.

I was at Costco the other day and on my way to the checkout I saw a giant box of Bicycle cards - half blue, half red. (Yes, I have plans for the blue ones.) I could not resist. I thought of a million fun things to do with them, this little ditty being the first.

Stamps: Cute & Classic
Ink: Basic Black
Cardstock: Real Red, Noveau Chic DSP, Playing Cards
Accessories: Rub on, 3/4" square punch, ribbon
All supplies (except playing cards) Stampin' Up!

I thought I'd have a little fun, and I added the bicycle image. It's from the Cute & Classic incentive stamp set. I love the beginning of the new catalog year because it means new incentive stamp sets in all their glorious teeniness. This one is my faves in a long time.

There's something so universally appealing about a bike. You probably smile just thinking about a bike ride. I hope so. :)

Tens of thousands who could never afford to own, feed and stable a horse, had by this bright invention enjoyed the swiftness of motion which is perhaps the most fascinating feature of material life. ~Frances Willard, How I Learned to Ride the Bicycle

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  1. I think this is the best post of yours that I have ever read.

    Have you ever had your I.Q. tested? I betcha it's OFF THE HOOK!
    Sorry-thinking out loud. :D

    I like bicycles. They don't like me.
    And I'm not going to worry about it! :)

    Love, love, love the card..................................

    I forgot what I was going to say next but I remember that it was really,really good! 2:23 am- that's my excuse!

    WV:roninvi- sounds like the name of a pasta. Really neat if you say it loud like an Italian Gangster sitting in an Italian restaurant.

  2. Lydia,

    Cool card! Awesome post.


    Lisa Atha


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