Saturday, September 26, 2009

I'm sorry... There's no Cure

I try to make you think about Swine Flu at least once per day, mostly because I find the word swine intensely amusing!

But - it's not the swine flu there's not cure for - it's the common birthday! It's true. Well there's one cure but it's far too unpleasant to discuss here...
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I made this card for the VSN Challenge on Splitcoast this weekend. I'm hoping I can do more of the challenges - they always make me push my creative envelope.

This one was the second challenge. I had to use the Chalkboard Technique and I had to include a quote or a saying. The Chalkboard Technique is what sucked me in - I haven't used my Stampin' Pastels in a while and I miss them!!

I also had yet to ink up my newest purchase - the Cumpleanos set from the Spanish Stampin' Up! catalog. I fell HARD for the little Pinata in that set. SO cute.

Ever wonder who came up with the idea to bash the heck out of a little paper animal with a blindfold on as an activity to celebrate a birthday?
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I'm fairly sure drugs or tequila were involved, because if you deconstruct the idea, it's terrible, regardless of the gaily colored tissue paper and resulting candy.

But it makes a HECK of a cute stamp!!

Anyway - I didn't really have a stamp with a good quote for my images on it, so I printed one on there from John Glenn.

The images are all stamped in white craft ink and then patted with pastels and a sponge dauber.

For the bow/strings, do the following. Cut three lengths of the FABBY new silver cord that doesn't have that white fluffy string in the middle. Holding the three together, tie a bow. Cut off the extra length from one side and you have your balloon strings! Easy. Multitasky.

Now, speaking of multitasky - check out what I ordered. I picked one of the new customized name and address stamps from the catalog, but ordered it as my little handmade stamp. What do you think?
Hope you have a FABBY....

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  1. tell us allllll about the cute Pnata stamp...and then not share??? I was all excited...hrumph!

  2. Yeah, what Sue said. Hmph. What's your point? :-)

    Happy Caturday!

    WV: psupp. I could not psupp the change to say Hmph!

  3. Lovely card Lydai! The the gradient colours.

  4. lydia,

    Gorgeous card, the colors are fabulous.

    Urgh, now I have to go looking for the Spanish SU catty!

    Lisa Atha

  5. Nice chalkboard technique, very pretty. I really like your new stamp. You never cease to amuse me, so I though I should let you know that, THANKS, you make me smile!!!

  6. Funny pinata story- I was in charge of throwing a huge luau for my spouse's club members and families. I got a pinata for the kids- filled with toys and chewys b/c, yes, I am turning into my mom! Anyway- horrible day- once it started, the freezing rain (in August!! I LOVE WY) So everything was inside. Nowhere to hang the pinata- so we found a nail on a pole and hung the mermaid pinata there. After 4 kids it fell off- so we had kids wacking this poor mermaid with a pole in the ground!!! Lesson of the day- when you walk up on a mermaid laying there- whack until her insides fall out!!


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