Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Little Chickadee..

When I was on a gallery stalk yesterday through Splitcoast, I found this amazing little chickadee ornament made by someone much more organized than myself - She's thinking about Christmas! Goodness. I haven't caught up to the 4th of July yet!! Stop making me look bad!

She made that ornament look good though, didn't she?

However, she gave me a near fatal case of bird flu. I desperately clawed through my stamp piles until I found the Friends 24-7 set with my fat little bird. I love fat birds with little bellies. I also love pale blue plates with black and white birds all over them. That's what I had in mind when I created this.

Stamps: Friends 24-7 Ink: Soft Sky, Basic Black
: Soft Sky, Book Page Accessories: White Gel Pen, Stampin' Sponge, Self Adhesive Rhinestones

Then I grabbed an old Bobsey Twins book and got to work!

Look - I can hear you - quit yelling about the fact that Soft Sky is retired. I love it - okay?? I'm going to hoard it and keep using it forever, a little at a time. I yell about Soft Sky and Pacific Point Blue every day, believe me.

Hope you have a great day today. I get to see my airport art today - whoopee! Film at 11! Not really. I'm never awake at 11.

Anyway - loveyameanitbye.

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  1. Oh Lydia... this is scrumptious. Delicious design.

  2. Everytime I see one of your cards with an old book page used on it, I don't think you can make it any cuter! And then BAM! Here's another super cute book page card!

    I love the blue background with the fat little birdie! Too cute!

  3. Lydia,

    I feel your pain on the retired blue colors, I miss them too. I miss purely pomegranate too. Darn those SU people, did they not listen to our tearful pleas? Do they not share our pain? Sob, sniff, sniff. Wait, I need to get a tissue. @#$@#$. That was me blowing my nose. Please excuse me.
    I think I deserve an Emmy for that one!

    On a happier note, I love that card! That bird looks adorable on .....sniff....soft sky.

    Love ya,

    The Cat Whisperer

  4. Hi from Sturgis SD! Lydia, is that Friends 24/7 a Stampin' Up set? I love the bird, and soft sky is my fav also!


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