Thursday, September 10, 2009

Walk it Off

I'm SHOCKED at how neglected my adorable Halloween stamps are. Where does the time go? Last night I couldn't even find the one I wanted to make a card with, but I did find Twick or Tweet, so I came up with a batty little card.

Now - Leslie (The Crooked Stamper) asked not too long ago when purple and green became the Halloween standard. I don't know the answer to that, but I sure am glad they did. Cuz few things tickle my heart like a purple bat!

Except a little skelly shaking a dog off his leg maybe. :D

Stamps: Twick or Tweet, Scary Skeleton Ink: White Craft
Paper: Night and Day, kraft, Elegant Eggplant, Certainly Celery
: White Gel Pen, Glue Dots, Creamy Caramel Marker, Basic Black Marker

Now a couple tips here. If you use a very light touch with your white gel pen, and move the pen quickly, like a paintbrush, you can get skinny enough lines to color in your skelly. I long for a finer point white gel pen, but this technique works!

Second, I used the fine point of my Basic black marker to try to accentuate the little dog's eyes, but the ink spread out and got fuzzy because kraft cardstock has that rougher surface.

So I made little white circles with my gel pen over that, and THEN made little black dots for his eyes. The white gel ink keeps the black ink from feathering. Plus he looks like he has googlie eyes.

Fierce little doggie bite! Hopefully the little skelly can just walk it off. :)


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  1. Adorable...I mean cool Halloween card!
    Hugs and smiles

  2. This is too cute!!! (And thanks for the mention ... still wondering about that purple and green thing ...)

  3. Fabulous card, Lydia!! I'm so glad purple and green are Halloween colors too - orange is great, but it's not a favorite color of mine ;) TFS!

  4. Lydia,

    Completely adorable card! Love the purple bat of course! That little doggie looks like a weiner dog! He is too cute. Lovin this card. Can I have it?

    Love ya,

    The Cat Whisperer

  5. A really cute card TFS

  6. Thinking maybe the green was pulled into the equation by the Irish immigrants who carried versions of the tradition to North America during Ireland's Great Famine of 1846. Irish flag is Orange White and Green and Purple is a traditional Fall color, so they threw that into the Halloween mix for good measure. Or the green represents witches and the purple represents the spells that witches cast. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Hahaha love the title of this post!
    I just got this set..have to play!!!


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