Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Creative Challenge

It's like she made this challenge just for me.

Here is the Tuesday Creative Challenge inspiration piece from my friend Lisa at Flat Fish Paper Arts.

Check it out and post a card - she is awarding a Hero Arts Stamp set!!! But whatever you do - don't make it better than mine! :) JUSTKIDDINGPLEASEDO.

I, of course, took just the colors.

Well maybe not just the colors. I did take the sentiment, which I interpreted as fall, which leads to Thanksgiving, which leads to another thank you card.

As you know, I have zero talent for coloring things the colors they are supposed to be. Mostly because I like to color them blue.

As you also may know, I particularly like to color pumpkins blue.

This is because I always imagine pumpkins as they are in the Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin scenes - moonlit and pale and blue under the stars.

So that's what you see here. I stamped them in black on kraft cardstock. Oh - the stamp set is Autumn Harvest - one I will never sell if it retires!! Then I colored them with Prisma colored pencils - turquoise and white. I masked them with Eclipse masking tape as I stamped them. Then I stamped the leaf from the same set and colored those with yellow and blue, and colored the ground rust. I stamped and punched the tag - the "Thank You" uses omitting from the greeting "Thank you very much." I went around the edge of the tag with my blue pencil, which I think is kind of cool looking.

I added that great twill tape and some thread to hang the tag and that's it - very quick and easy.

So go check out Lisa, her fabby blog and her beautiful kitty Purrcy, who sent cousins Maddie and Splotchy their favorite toys in the whole world - small furry mice that are apparently made of kitty crack. They are the only thing that make Maddie growl as fiercely as a teeny creature can growl whenever man or beast gets near her when she has a crack mouse in her mouth.

Have a great night.


  1. OK Lydia!! You KNOW I love those blue punkins'!!!
    Annnnnd.... I have a paint color for you!!! The blue in my kitchen on my blog is remarkably JUST like this color from Ralph Lauren-at Home Depot---

    Vintage Masters
    Faded Seafoam (Ecume de mer)

    This would have been so much simpler for me than color matching my SU! ink!! Bah-ahahha

  2. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!!! It is so Charlie Brown and yet Lydia at the same time....too cool! Loving those blue pumpkins.
    btw: there is nothing wrong with colouring things a colour you like rather than the colour they're *supposed* to be....in philosophy we learned there is a theory that says reality is only dictated by general mutual consensus ...therefore there is no reason that pumpkins can't really be blue it's just that everyone has "decided" that they're orange! How's that for mind-bending info on a Wednesday afternoon :)


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