Sunday, October 12, 2008

People for the Ethical Treatment of Pumpkins

It's a serious issue we all need to consider at this oh-so-dangerous-for-pumpkins time of year. If you have a pumpkin, the most important thing you can do to keep him safe this fall is KEEP HIM INSIDE!! Millions of pumpkins who are allowed to freely roam the streets are captured and, *gulp*, gutted and put on display each October.

Needless tons of seeds are spilled in this country every autumn and only you can prevent this pulp bath!!

Get the kids out of the room - this is pretty gruesome!!

I have no idea how the Doodle Factory pumpkins organized this protest so quickly after I started making a card with Julie HRR's pumpkin dip recipe, but it should show you how resourceful they are...

The card base is Tangerine Tango and so is the Hawaii Papaya DSP.

The card is 6x6, and I cheat when I make these. I dont buy 12x12 cardstock, and you cant make a 6x6 card from 8.5 x 11... or can you?

I do - I cut an 11x6 piece and score it at 6 in my new Scor Pal.

Then, as in this card, I put a strip of DSP on the inside of the card and just pretend I meant to have the front of the card shorter!! :)

So back to the pumpkin protest. I hand wrote the recipe on black with my white gel pen - it looks like a menu chalkboard to me.

The talk balloons are made with my Boho Blossoms punch.

Maddie feels like it is her duty as a black cat to participate in the horror of Pumpkincide each Halloween. Here she is telling Splotchy a gory pumpkin murder story!!

Sooo scary!!

She does these little demonstrations of her ferocity every half hour, just like at Disney World!!

We all watch and clap and give her the self actualization she so desperately needs!

And speaking of scary - how about my fabulous monster necklace????

You know I love all things monster, and most especially Stefan Bucher's Daily Monster! Check my sidebar and get lost in his fun blog for a while...

So I was stoked when Blend Creations started offering Metal for Monsters - Limited Edition Designer Monster jewelry benefitting Unicef! I rushed over and pre-ordered my Stefan Bucher Monster, which I received Friday.


But imagine my glee when I turned it over and I saw that mine is #1 of 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY MONSTER!!!!

I couldn't be more tickled. I hope you like him as much as I do!

Following terrifying demonstrations of pumpkin head twisting though, must come napping.

Here are some shamelessly cute pics of them fighting sleep...


  1. Love the pumpkin story and fur baby photos. They are getting sooo big!


  2. Cute card...and I love your trick for 6 x 6 cards...will be doing that from now on.

    You need to get to Sonic and purchase a kid's meal. The current toys are various stuffed Halloween themed "tots", basically they are shaped like tater tots but with a Halloween theme. They make perfect (purrfect??) kitty toys/kitty torture devices. They should be good for a few hours of fun until Maddie takes them under the bed for her special brand of reconditioning.

  3. LOL!!! Sounds like Pumpkincide 2008! Love it!!! Oh and the kittys....VERY cute!


  4. your political leanings are growing worrisome...but that recipe is killer--menanical laugh inserted here--and i will be using it for my group gathering next weekend!

    like the tip about making cards larger than they're a magician too, aren't you?

    those kitties...they're just too cute for words. but if i hear of you dressing them up for halloween, we're gonna have to have words!

  5. the pumpkin card cracked me up...if I had my way all pumpkins would be completely safe and never made into pie, or dip or (heaven forbid) pumpkin chocolate cookies!!!! blech!!!!!
    btw: ur kittehs iz 2 cute! personally i'd love to see them dressed up in halloween costumes....some glow in the dark skeleton kittehs???
    oh, almost forgot, hope you have lots of *stamping makes you pretty* shirts in may be having a run on them :)

  6. You are so funny!!! I just discovered your blog recently. I saw Julie's recipe and was intrigued. You put a whole different spin on the recipe. Love it!

  7. Cute pumpkin card. I am loving those kittehs. I think that they would look cute dressed up for halloween too. I am wondering though if it might be physically painful for you to attempt doing that though. They still have their front claws don't they? Let us know........

  8. Wow, what a pumpkin story I can't wait to share it with my daughter, and the kitties are just darling... Your blog is amazing glad I got to stop by and see all your talent, and I will get to laugh a while after seeing your pumpkin card!!!

  9. Haha, that pumpkin card is hilarious!! You've got the best humor (or do you spell that humour in america??)! *lol*
    Love the necklace and those sleepeh kittehs ;D

  10. omg monster necklaces! I am bookmarking that site and putting those on my xmas wishlist (if they don't sell out before then!)

    I love love love this poor pumpkin protest card.

    Also! I have never seen a horny toad in real life, or apparently otherwise. Those things look scary - how could you play with them without fleeing in terror? I guess I'm a wuss when it comes to non-fuzzy animals. My friend once chased me with a newt which resulted in me simultaneously having a panic attack and crying with laughter over my own reaction.


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