Thursday, October 2, 2008

Eat your veggies!

I made a few more single layer cards last night. Amazing how a time crunch simplifies your designs, isn't it?

I found this little birdie stamp at Hobby Lobby.

I inked it up in Kiwi Kiss, and then rolled it in Baja Breeze. Then I took my teeny weeny micron black pen and outlined the birds and colored in the branch.

The colors are much more saturated IRL - for some reason the blue isn't showing up in this pic.

Then a few more veggie cards for you in the same layout as that cute little acorn card.

I really like that Best Wishes stamp from Bella's Bloom. The font is very cool and it's also nice & big.

Now on the lettuce dress - that's a cherry tomato right? The DH said I did it wrong and it is really a radish.

Settle it please! :)

Gotta run. Got a super cute idea for Kristina's Color Challenge. Hope I have time to make it while I'm procrastinating the preparations for WCMD.


  1. I had to think it over for a second but I think if it was a radish there would be a little "root thread" (you know what I mean right?) attached at the top...the leaves look more like tomato leaves... ;-)

  2. I agree with Bee too. It looks like a cherry tomato. I love the card with birds too.

  3. Tell him it is a grape tomato. It is shaped just like the ones I eat every day.

    Love this line of stamps and cards...very nice!

  4. I think the ladies are correct, it is some sort of small tomato. Those are cute cards. I love the simple look. The little birdies are cute too. I am really surprised that you didn't make them in shades of blue. haha. Gotta run. Hello to Maddie and Splotchy!

    Lisa Atha

  5. Fantastic cards - I just LOVE the one with the little birdies on a branch! Lots of beautiful work in your blog - I just have to look through it properly!! :D

    I saw you asked Nina about her stamps - you can buy them at e.g. - I think they ship outside of Sweden, but I'm not sure. Send them a mail, they're usually very quick at answering.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Quite simple but absolutely BEAUTIFUL cards there!! I also think it's a little plum/cherry tomato there...but why don't you make anotherone and paint it like a radish to make your DH happy? ;)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
    Yes - as Tettiz wrote, you can find those stamps at The site is in Swedish, but if you mail them at, I'm sure they'll help you out. The character is called a "Filur" and I've made quite a bunch of them! :)

  7. These little "dresses" are so cute! And I love the bird card too! (And yes, I also think that that is a cherry tomato and not a radish!)


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