Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hello Again...

I know most of you are too young to remember the first time Hello Kitty came around, BUT YOURS TRULY IS NOT!!!

I was in fifth grade, and me & my best friend Katy discovered her - yes, it's true. Al Gore invented the Internet, I discovered Hello Kitty!!

We had the little erasers that were just her head, the PUFFY STICKERS you could put on your notebook - OMG I LOVED THOSE, and - I can hardly say this without getting a little shortness of breath - these teeny little notpads with Hello Kitty pencils THE SIZE OF MATCHSTICKS!!!

I loved it all so much. I wish I still had it.

However, the new world loves Hello Kitty again, thank goodness, and so do I. My friend Monique tipped me off that there were Hello Kitty dies for the Sizzix!!!

So here ya go - does it get any better than this??? Thank you Sizzix!!!

BEE well today. :)


  1. I am 52 years old (not shy to admit it) and I'm a HUGE Hello Kitty fan. Most of my birthday/Christmas presents are Hello Kitty presents, which include jewlery by Kimora. I'm working on the hubby now to purchase a Hello Kitty Car for me. Fat chance of that happening - but a girl can dream. Now you know I'll have to go out and get that die don't you?

  2. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    My dies are staring at me, saying DO IT, DO IT! Hee HEE! I have to get ready for my workshop on Sat and my upline swap on Sunday and then it's on! HELLO KITTY HERE I COME! :)

  3. I totally remember those mini pencils! Hello Kitty rules! I also like her friend Keropi the frog who came out a little later I think. I love your blog!

  4. Oh my gosh, you lucky dog, I love Hello Kitty. Where did you find that die-cut? I am 40 and I was and still am a Hello Kitty fan. I had as much of her stuff that my mom would let me buy, which wasn't much. Thankfully, my dughter likes her too, although not as much as her mom does. Thanks for sharing. Lisa A.

  5. Have you ladies seen Hello Kitty making appearances every now and then in the Target dollar spot?? I totally remember those little pads and pencils too - loooovvvveeeddd them!!

  6. Some of us grew up near LA and had an awesome Sanrio store in our mall. And maybe some of us STILL HAVE our mini gumball machine, and hot pink mini lunchbox!!!! I saved forever for that thing. No way was I getting rid of it-too cute. I also admit to having "vintage" Hello Kitty stickers that I never wanted to waste by sticking them on anything. My little girl thinks I'm cool! Yes-the 80's are back!

  7. Oh Gosh, I so remember Hello Kitty from my younger years!... *emotional sigh* :-D It is so fun seeing my 7 1/2 love them too now! ;-D

    (my favorite is Chococat, every time I see your kitties they remind me of him! LOL!)


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