Monday, October 20, 2008

God Bless America's Fighting Glittery Bears!

Coming up to the season of thanks, I pondered what to do for Shelli's Creative Challenge. For example, I could have used Season of Thanks!!! (duh!)

But on the way home yesterday someone on the radio said something about Veteran's Day, which is coming up on November 11th, and I thought to myself - veterans are something I am really thankful for. So while it might not be a traditional Thanksgiving type card, it's just as thankful!!

My little growling Riding Hood Red, White and Pacific Point Blue bears are tough military types, and so they can pull off the glitter without compromising their principles! (There's glitter all over the bears & stars in case you can't tell)

The little stars are from the same set - Under the Stars. The bears are stamped on watercolor paper, colored with reinkers and cut out and popped up with dimensionals. The stripes in my flag are the gorgeous ribbon from the mini cat and the blue & white panel is a piece of my Pacific Point Blue DSP.

I used omitting to stamp the Grateful for you from Puns from the Past. Then I punched it out with my large star punch.

I was at lunch with a friend last week at cheeseburger paradise - Mighty Fine - and I work very close to an Army base, so there were a lot of military people having a cheeseburger in our vicinity. My friend asked why the flag looks "backwards" on the sleeves of their uniforms, so I will share my answer with you in case you didn't know, and you can be proud of knowing a little flag trivia.

The US flag can never be depicted in retreat.

So picture a flagpole on the right side of this flag and imagine it being carried forward - the flag is in the correct orientation - not in retreat. Were this flag reversed, it would be going in the opposite direction of the way Petraeus is facing - the flag would be in retreat.

Make sense?

That's your fact of the day today, my people.

Make it a good one!


  1. Very cute card!!!! So creative, it put a smile on my face! I just love it!!! I saw your post on Shelli's site-good luck.

  2. WOW! Never new that flag I do! Being a veteran myself, I really like your card... :) Great job!


  3. See, you come to see a cute card, and leave with a little bit of extra knowledge.

    Stamping DOES make you smart!

    Love the card!

  4. Great card, great post and info on the flag. I will check out my son's flight jacket next time he's home.

  5. You are very talented!! And thanks for the flag fact....interesting.

    You commented on our contest Blogalicious Designs Giveaway, and i like making new blog buddies!!

  6. Lydia,
    You know everything! Thanks for this interesting fact.
    your Canadian friend,

    Love your card!

  7. Thanks for the bit of info on the flag! I learned something new! I'm such a fan of your work. Thanks for sharing what you create!

  8. O.k. this is the cutest card I have seen with this set. Too cute! Veterans are definately something to be thankful for. Great job!


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