Thursday, October 16, 2008

Snow... Pat?

Here's a fun simple snowman card for Maker Faire!

Now lets talk about snowmen for a second. Take a look at my little guy. Popular culture aside, is there anything about that androgynous little ball of cold that really screams "man"? I've looked and looked, and well - he's a lot like Pat from the old SNL skit - you just can't quite tell. I'm just sayin'. I think we should rename them snowbeests, or snowpuffs or wait - SNOWPATS!!!

So I hope you like my snowpat. Pat is from Merry & Bright and is colored with Bashful Blue and Pacific Point Blue and an Aquapainter (on sale for $7, BTW!! Order online from me and go into a drawing for free stuff!!)

Anyway, snowpat's stamped on Watercolor Paper, then punched with the curly label punch. The background is also watercolor paper, cuttlebugged with the snowflake embossing folder. Then, I did something quite dramatic and used some of my hoarded Soft Sky for the base, and some Soft Sky ribbon. I should charge $20 apiece for these!!! I'll probably be snatching them out of people's hands and telling them they can't have my rare blue paper.

You should watch the Austin news this weekend just in case.

Several of you have asked what Maker Faire is, so here are a few snippets!

I hope you will come see me!


  1. Adorable card! I love that embossing!

  2. Snowpats!!! Snort...BWAAHAAHAA.

    OK, so how do I get White Chocolate Mocha out of my keyboard?


    Your blog ALWAYS makes me laugh, even on a blah day. I always wonder if people remember Pat-too funny!! I will never take my "snowmen" seriously again. First its cats, now snowmen, what next?ahaahaaaha Pats, all of them!

  4. Cute card, Love your Snow Pat. I sure wish we could buy that paper punch by itself. But nooooooooo, Stampiun Up makes us wait a year, before they let us do that. Hello to the Kittehs. Tell them I am looking forward to their next guest appearance on "Understand Blue" Blogspot.

    Lisa A.


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