Sunday, October 12, 2008

Humor Me...

Because it's not technically stamping.

But I couldn't focus, so I decided to just draw.

This is my rendition of Rancho de Taos in New Mexico. Do I have any readers from NM? I love New Mexico and is where I'd live if I had a million dollars. I love the deep blue sky and the soft look of all the buildings. I have this really cool crazy photo of Rancho de Taos that looks like a painting - it has the church all lit up with these glowing pastel colors and you can still see the deep New Mexico blue above that, even though the photo was exposed for hours overnight. It was one of the first pieces of art I bought in Santa Fe when we started going there and it's what I would grab running out of the house from spiders or a fire.

Anyway, I just drew these shapes with Copics and blended a few colors - flesh, eggshell, pinkish white, pale yellow.

I masked them and brayered on Adirondack Aqua and Pacific Point Blue. I made stars with my white gel pen. Then I stamped Peace, Love, Joy from All Holidays.

Now if my house filled up with spideys, I wouldn't grab these little punkins on the way out, but they're cute!

They are made with oval punches, and you've probably seen them...

But if not, just punch six ovals, big or small and fold them in half, wrong side out.

Put adhesive on just one half oval at a time, and stick them together, half oval lined up with half oval. Take a strip of cardstock for the stem, and wedge it halfway between two of the ovals as you're sandwiching them and position the other half between the last two you adhere..

So super cute and easy. I think they would make such cute little accompaniments to name tents at a dinner.

I see there's some controversy about Maddie & Splotchy & the possibility of Halloween costumes. I guess there will be a few weeks to resolve your differences until you find out my decision!!


  1. These are just darling...Love the paper you used...Simply wonderful!!!

  2. Hi there -

    I live in Taos & saw you pop up on my Google alerts. Yep, if you wnat to be a millionaire in Taos, move here with 2 million! This place can drain your pocketbook but it is beautiful & the folks are nice.
    Keep up with Taos at:

  3. Love your drawn image and the card is wonderful! You pumpkins are cute and I love your analogy about the spideys...not sure about your logic though...I think those punkins are definitely top list!

  4. Hi Lydia - it's Karen from Australia! I have had your site in my google reader forever and a day - I sooooo love what you do! I couldnt believe it when you said you subscribed to my blog - THATS AWESOME! LOL

    Big Aussie Hugs to ya


  5. I think your card is gorgeous...and the pumpkins, well they're ok seeing as they're not REAL pumpkins.
    I am a bit worried that you'd run out of the house because of spiders this a long term phobia or did you just watch 8 legged freaks one too many times? :)
    OH, and I got an email saying my shirt is on the way...I am sooooo excited!!! When it gets here I think I'm going to get my picture taken wearing it for my blog profile...then I can put up a link for people to know where to get one :)

  6. Love your Taos card and Zindorf sky! Punkins are too cute ... gotta make some. I wish you hadn't posted the site for the lolz cats ... I'm wasting way too much time there! I sent the site to a bunch of my kitteh friends so they could waste time too.

  7. Hi Lydia, I just discovered your blog last week. I'm originally from Taos. My family goes way back many generations. I grew up going to that church (San Francisco de Asis) My parent's address is Ranchos de Taos.

    I knew it looked like my church in Ranchos even before I read a word of your blog entry. I have a Georgia O'Keeffe print of this back view of the church hanging in my living room.

    I'm happy you're participating at Maker Faire. We loved it!! We went to the one in the Bay Area in March. It was huge, and fun for me, my 5-yr old, and my husband. We're trying to convince our best friends in Round Rock to not miss the one in Austin.

  8. Loving those cute paper pumpkins.

  9. What a adorable pumpkins ... very clever.

  10. I have lived in ABQ all my life. Yes, New Mexico is a very "enchanted" place. I would say you certainly captured the spirit of NM!

  11. Love your drawing! Wowsers you are so talented! As you know I'm in TX, but I love NM! My mom was born in Roswell. I like to say I'm part alien. :-)


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