Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ain't Life Grand?

I saw this "floor" idea on the Crafting the Web blog - I LOVE it. Theresa was creating a card for a challenge that featured one of the Twilight books as an inspiration piece. I thought the chandelier from Grand Soiree would be PERFECT over my fake marble floor.

It's really easy to do.

Just draw a grid with a ruler - I used my favorite clear ruler that has all the measurements in red in a grid, so it's easy to line up. My squares were an inch apart.

Then, because I'm mistake prone, I wrote a little W in each square I needed to leave white.

After that it was easy to mask off those and sponge in black. I had a horizontal "room horizon" line to work with too - don't forget that.

Then, I stamped the chandelier in VersaMark and embossed it with clear.

I masked the floor and sponged black on the top, so that the chandelier looks like it's lit in the dark.

A girl can't really do black and white without RED, can she?

All the sudden I'm in the mood for a party!!!!

One of my catz is a superhero - check little Splotchy (no cape necessary) in mid-miracle. And then kitty secretz...

Hope you are having a good night!!



  1. Love the floor under your gorgeous chandelier! Great job with that one. Tell Splotchy and Maddie that Kim haz cheezeburger and they should come here for the weekend to visit. I promise to take pictures for you...honest!

    Have a great night!

  2. Lydia,

    Awesome card, very creative. Splotchy looks better tonight, more in charge, I think. haha. They are too funny.


  3. That card is AWESOMENESS personified...or maybe it should be cardified???? Either way it's totally cool :)
    Those kittehs are just too cute...I'm really gonna have to talk to my landlady again....I wonder what she'd do if I just went and got a kitteh and told her I found it {insert evil laugh} :)

  4. wow, gorgeous card!! Love your fake marble floor...I just might try that out - thanks for sharing, great tutorial!!

  5. I love it! I want one or 25! Do you take orders?? I would love to see this in Pink and Black too. Soooo girly girl! I am chandelier crazy !!!! I am working on having one in every room in my house!

  6. gorgeous card! of course now i want the stamp set! Did you use Whisper White CS?


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