Monday, October 13, 2008

My Blue Bunny Tree

Allrighty then - I revamped the tree card for my make & take for Maker Faire this weekend and brought together some fun things to amuse myself with. First, a card that's generating carbon credits out the ying yang - I mean, what is greener than a recycled magazine card? Get your hippy on!Smiley from

Then, I found an ad in Food & Wine for some new M&M's - and, since you know me, you will know that when I saw it I got so excited at its fun pebbly blueness that I tore it out and punched it up before I could figure out what kind of M&M's they are actually advertising. The problem is - now I would really like to get more copies of this ad to make blue trees with and I don't know what the ad was for! If any of you see the blue M&M ad on a dark blue background in a magazine, will you rip it out and send it to me?

I bought some beautiful blue M&Ms once that were personalized on their website. Then, yesterday, I got an email from Martha Stewart Living Magazine, the last 5 questions of which were about whether or not I had personalized M&Ms on that website! Then tonight, after a few hours of mass production for Maker Faire, I found this ad!

God wants us to have chocolate, you know... :) That's the message I think we can all take from this.

And also that there are few things more interesting than a blue tree with chocolate leaves and a rabbit underneath.

Smiley from


  1. Spectacular!!! I love it :)
    And I definitely agree that God wants us to have chocolate. I actually think that it should be counted as an individual food groups and consumed on a daily basis. I am certain that everyone should have the pleasure of a daily dose (or 2 or 3) of endorphins :)

  2. Cute Tree. Loving the blue m&m leaves.


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