Saturday, October 25, 2008

San Antonio Regional

The emails and comments about the grocery store are hysterically funny. I'm glad I'm not alone. :)

Regionals are awesome. If you've not been, and there's one coming to a city near you - you need to go. If you're a demonstrator and missed the signup period, log on to Stampin' Discuss and see if anyone is selling their ticket. It amazes me how much you get for the ticket price.

We got the Best Wishes & More set, and did six adorable make & takes with it. I took hundreds of pictures of the display boards and I'll make some of those projects and post them in the coming days.

Before the pics though, Beate's Weekend Sketch Challenge. As usual I rotated it (yes, I have a sketch challenge mental disorder - Beate knows about it). For the big stripe, I punched 1" circles out of my leftover paint chips and then punched little semi circles out of the sides of them and fit them together like puzzle pieces. This way they lay totally flat on the card instead of overlapping. Jaron did a whole card like that at Regionals and it was really cool. I put the whole thing together with my new UHU glue roller. This thing ROCKS! It puts adhesive down in little teeny dots, similar to Dotto, but much flatter and stickier. The roller mechanism is very smooth and quick - there's no catching, and no glue gooping up the edge of the dispenser. There are also no little edges that come off in strings or get stuck somewhere they shouldn't. I'm impressed!! I got a little clipboard with it I'm going to do something fun with shortly!

For the second stripe, I took a piece of green galore grosgrain and cut the very edge off. Another regionals trick that lets you pull the long pieces out and make this cool fluffy fiber. I tied another piece of grosgrain around those.

The lemon/lime image is stamped in Yoyo Yellow and then rock & rolled in Green galore and covered with Tombow glue and Dazzling Diamonds glitter. The greeting is the square from the sketch, popped up and distressed.

Now another very cool thing about regionals is that I FINALLY got to meet Tisha Copeland of Say Cheese in person! I feel like I already knew her but it was nice to see this pretty & talented lady in person. :)

Why didn't I take a picture??

Our road trip to regionals was a blast - Cecile, Keli, Kim (two EMT's so we were safe!) and Neelam rode together and laughed so hard on the way home I think I have an injury. You do NOT want to know what made us laugh, trust me.

Keli was putting together her adorable swaps in the lobby, looking super glamorous, before the door opened.

Regionals are so small it's a lot easier to get to talk to Shelli, which is fun. She is such a warm and sweet woman, it's really amazing to get to spend time with her. Left to right it's Neelam, yours truly, Shelli, Kim and Cecile. I have no idea where Keli was!

Then I got a pic with me & Shelli. Seriously - have you ever seen another person look so fabulous in yellow? Her clothes are amazing. If I wore yellow you would all barf.

Today I have a long day of filming, so I'm not sure I'll have a post tomorrow with regionals stuff, but we will see!


  1. Ok, I popped onto Tisha's blog for a brief minute, and I have got to tell you that I will be going back, what I saw was awesome! By the way, I love that card at the top of this post. It is so cute, easy, cheerful, and made with one of my favorite sets. Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa A.

  2. Looks like you had a great time, Lydia....can't wait to see pics of some of the projects!!!

  3. Oh...I wish I could have come to San Antonio!
    Your card looks wonderful! So fresh! Love it.
    Thanks so much for playing!
    Hugs and smiles

  4. How can I get a hold of Keli? I have to ask her about her tattoo...we have something in common! :)

  5. I cannot pull off yellow, either. I wish I could when I look at how good it looks on Shelli, though, but I have to keep it real: I really can't.

    A salesperson argued with me over it last Spring when yellow came out in stores and told me that redheads look great in yellow. This redhead doesn't, let me tell you that!



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