Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gather Round the Button Tree!

If you are thinking to yourself - "Self, why does Miss Lydia (as Amanda calls me) like to stick crazzzyyyy things in that tree?" - you're gonna have to just stifle. Because I don't know.

Well - there is a possible explanation. After two weeks of intense mold allergies, I got a reprieve for about a week. Until last night, when I started sneezing uncontrollably - for HOURS. I think I hurt my shoulder sneezing! So over the course of the evening I had to take two kids sized Benadryl Fun Strips. I call them fun strips because it's fun how they melt on your tongue. Plus it's super fun when they start working and I stop sneezing. So I was very very sleepy by the time I hung up the procrastinating my stamping duties and went to sleep. But before I drifted, I flipped through Paper Crafts magazine, and on p. 73 there was an adorable little mushroom card with buttons on it, next to a really pretty branch card. I guess my woozy brain mixed them up and before I fell asleep I came up with this card for Kristina's color challenge!! I SWORE to myself I would remember it and didn't need to get up and tell Splotchy to remember it or write it down. And sure enough, it came back to me this morning about the time that Maddie took a flying leap off the sink with all her claws out and hit me in the chest, sticking like velcro. Unfortunately, I was putting hot rollers in my hair at the time and was unable to defend myself from kitty tackles. It was a memorable moment.

So the card is very easy. Just cut your buttons with the Big Shot and the buttons die.

I stamped the tree from Season of Friendship in Chocolate Chip on a piece of Kraft. Since it isn't as smooth as Whisper White there were voids in the ink. So I just took my Chocolate Chip marker and touched it up. Easy. I used the same marker to color just the word "friendship" from the greeting in that set and stamped it lower right. I added Kiwi Kiss ribbon, and GET THIS - those dots? They just happened to be aligned perfectly on the piece of Kiwi Kiss prints DSP when I cut a 5 x 3.75" piece!!! I giggled at the cool accidentalness of it. I toyed with the idea of pretending I planned that but knew you would never believe me! :)

Gotta go - debates await!

Have a great night!


  1. Kitty Tackles...too funny! :)


  2. Love the tree stamp! ...and lucky you - I think the buttons are sizzix dies - I'm thinking about getting the Big Shot and am envious!

  3. I can just imagine the kitty attack! Amanda was so happy that the "Miss Lydia" show was on this week! Love the card...I'm inking that one up as soon as Saturday is over.

  4. Lydia,

    You keep putting anything you want on that tree, I think that they have all been adorable. Boy are those Kitties you have sure are ornery. Are you ok? I have this picture in my mind and it isn't very pretty.

    Lisa A.

  5. Love that card, are the buttons made of cardstock? Because from here the orange one looks like felt to me, which is pretty cool!
    Your kitties just crack me up but I think they would drive me into the nuts house! LOL!

  6. I think the buttons in the tree are adorable! And such a great idea...the kitty tackles is too true, though! Sounds like my day!


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