Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm, um... painting my room Yellow and Green

And brown, and lavendar.

Mmm hmm. That's why I have all these paint chips, sir. I am very indecisive. A person really needs a lot of ideas in front of them when contemplating painting.

And sir, you will be happy to know, that sometimes, when I'm done with the paint chips, because of my love for the environment, I turn the paint chips into teeny notebooks a la WhiMSy Love... (love her blog).

(Imaginary conversation with imaginary Home Improvement Store Spy suspicious of my paint chip consumption, and also probably my taste.)

Lookie what a great job I did after for whatever reason, I didn't paint my room Golden Delicious or Lemon Zest! Can you believe I didn't want those in big stripes on my walls? ;)

These are so cute and easy. And I'm such a ding dong that I didn't even realize they had lemon and apple names on them until they were all put together!!!

Anyway, the inside is a full sheet of copy paper, cut into 2.75" x 1.75" pieces. I just eyeballed the little flap at the bottom, inserted the paper and stapled them with my super awesome stapler. The important thing is NOT to make the top crease for the cover until you've done this step - because you will get it wrong, I promise.

Then tuck the top in and crease it and voila - teeny notebook. Perfect for taking teeny notes! (I wouldn't bring your notebook to the old home improvement store if you know what I'm sayin')

Have a great day.


  1. are SOOOO creative. You can use your Hello Kitty Teeny Pencil with this teeny notebook. I know you remember those... Great for taking spy notes. :) Happy Friday...


  2. You crack me up, I can imagine the face of the home improvement store employee if you pull out that notebook from your bag to write down references from new paintchips... LOL This being said, why even bother looking for various colors for a room? Shouldn't the room be BLUE???? ;-)

  3. Yup, I would think your room should be BLUE too, Have a great day, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  4. ROFL!!!

    I have seen alot of artwork done with paintchips, and oddly find myself drawn to them every time I go to ye olde home improvement store. Great job making the teeny tiny notebooks! We'll need about a hundred of those for notes tomorrow.

  5. Too funny! I don't think that the home improvement store people will get too suspicious as long as you don't go back too often :) They are very cute though...the people at the store would probably like a few for themselves...LOL!

  6. As I was admiring them, I was thinking how did she find lemon and apple named paint colors??? I can't believe that was by coincidence! =)

  7. Lydia,

    What a totally cute idea you hve found! I love them! I think the key to not getting noticed taking a large quantity of those paint chips, is to go get them on a Saturday, when the guys in that department are too busy to notice. It usually works for me. I have been using them on cards, I didn't know about this cute idea. Can't thank you enough for sharing. I'm off to blog on "Inspired by Purple", Toodles. Lisa A.

  8. Lydia,
    I always get a good laugh reading your blog. I too feel that Lowe's or Home Depot has a Paint Chip Theft Prevention Program when I take a little too many paint chips. I love this idea. I checked out Whimsy Love's blog too.

    The paint chip aisle is the only place I feel at home in these large stores.

    Have a good one!

  9. Love these notebooks! So cute...and as a former Home Depot employee I have to say that the use for the paint chips is very admirable! So cute!


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