Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maddie's Self Portrait Tutorial

She is so vain.

She saw this adorable creation and said that she actually was the inspiration for it and demanded that I create this portrait for her.

She wanted the skulls to illustrate her scariness, and pumpkins to let people know she has a fun side.

The little kitties are so brilliant so I thought I would give you a tutorial. You just need two punches - a 3/4" circle and the small oval punch.

Let's start with her body.

Position your small oval punch about a little less than halfway into a strip of black cardstock.

Then with the same punch, move it up over the open space you created until you get a shape that has cute little thin legs. Punch this out and set it aside.

Next, to make the head, take your 3/4" punch and position it about 1/3" of the way into another strip of black.

This makes the less steep arc of the top of her head.

Next, you will position the small oval punch around this opening and punch out the head shape.

So adorable, her little kitty head.

Finally, her tail. Using your oval punch turned sideways, and punch a sliver out of the black cardstock.

Moving the punch over just a bit, punch again to make her curved tail.

Then, just assemble your kitty - I think Samantha's originals with their heads tipped to the side are insanely cute.

I added eyes and whiskers with my white gel pen.

The ribbon is from Michael's dollar bin.

Now a quick note about me. (If you're still reading!)

I'm frantically preparing for Maker Faire, so I'm about a week behind on my email. I have pre-made my blog posts for the next few days to entertain you! But I won't get a chance to respond to comments and emails until Monday, so don't give up on me. I will have some great pictures and perhaps video to show you next week from this amazing event!!!

So please leave a comment if you stop by so I know you still love me in my email silence! :)


The very sorry procrastinator.


  1. How adorable is that little black cat ... thanks for the how-to.

  2. Lydia,

    That kitteh is so adorable. Thanks for the tutorial. I have to go make my own black kitteh now.

    Lisa A.

  3. Love the punched cat , great job Maddie. I miss your silence ha ha ha Have a good one, Hugs n' Stuff, Lynne

  4. I thought for a second that Maddie and Splotchy had figured out that their combined weight is enough to punch cardstock instead of just distressing it with their little toofers.

    Cute, cute card! We are going to do our best to get by Maker Faire to show you some love this weekend!

  5. you're a GENIUS! this is so cute, it might even make me like cats OTHER THAN m&s!

  6. Hi! Love your card and your tutorial is great. Glad Maddie thought the kitty was based on her :-).

    All the best,

  7. LOVE THIS CAT!! Thank you so much for the great idea!!
    Lorraine Castellon-Rowe


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