Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Martha Stewart Punches Writer for Food & Wine Magazine!!!!

Not really. Although I'm sure she's wanted to..

You cant' really blame her for that!

What she really did was make a few punches that I used with an article from F&W to make this kind of dreamy card. It was another sleepy moment inspiration from last night.

The bunny and the leaves are MS punches, and the tree is from Season of Friendship - OF COURSE!! It's all put together with my UHU Glue Stick!! I'm so predictable!!

(This is another magazine card, so remember my copyright and do not copy and post please!)

Now, onto the little fuzzy beasts.

First, look closely at the stamp that I cannot get Splotchy to spit out EVER. Yep, that's a mouse.

They have to get their entertainment where they can, you know.

Then - I'm worried that my little abandoned creatures have low self esteem from their ordeal as kittens.

You can see from their behavior that they think they're just kitty trash....


Have a good night!

Oh - and congrats to Jen Mencer - she has a downline! She called me tonight and it was so fun to talk and not just email! Congrats, girl!


  1. Is that Maddie pushing Splotchy into the trash can or trying to get him out? Too funny that out of all of your stamps they have chosen the mouse as a personal favorite. I have some fish stamps that they can play with over here if they want to come visit.

  2. SPLOTCHY IS SOOOO FUNNY!!! They are too cute! And your card is great also!
    Have a good day!

  3. Looks like you have 2 new kitties on trash detail. :) I am so jealous of your blog BTW....I'm such a newb! Have a great day!


  4. Maddie and Splotchy are so cute and funny. I love seeing the pictures and reading about them. Thanks for sharing your cute kids with us. Susan N. (Not Curtis)

  5. Super cute little furry friends....they are becoming quite famous!!! Love your MS F&W card, too...super cool design!!!

  6. Hahahaha, gotta love your kitties!♥
    This card is AWESOME. I love tree themes to start with but the magazine leaves and bunny are just "THE" touch that takes it to the next level! (and it's not even blue!) :-D

  7. I love the pics! The kittens - Splotchy and Maddiebat - are supah cute, esp. the ones of them in the trash! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leavin' some love for my foster kitties!


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