Sunday, August 5, 2007

Stamps ARE Nifty

Had fun with these tonight. As usual for me they are completely unrelated to anything I SHOULD be doing right now. I did pay the bills, but did NOT enter cards in contests, work on SCS challenges, brilliantly create stunning projects for this month's camp, make thank you, birthday and Anniversary cards - but hey - I did eat a bunch of grapes! Those are good for me, right? Hmm...

Anyone who feels like starting a petition to have this stamp set put back in the catalog, feel free to contact me. ;)


  1. your coloring or painting or however you did the dress on this card is wonderful!

  2. Thank you!! I CASED one of Candy Williams cards. I'm not sure if this is what she did, but I watercolored with turqoise first, then brilliant blue, and it's on watercolor paper. At convention they said if you use watercolor paper also with your markers, you don't get brush strokes - haven't tried that yet. This was blender pens & ink pads.

  3. Gorgeous! Where did you learn to watercolor like that?


  4. I learned from my brilliant and talented Stampin Momma - PAM DOWNS!! =)


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