Monday, August 6, 2007

The Great Pumpkin

Let me tell you a little something. Monday isn't all that hot to begin with, but after a week off, yikes. The good news is it went by in a flash. But here's a little tip for you. When you buy 80 pounds of chocolate for the little bowl on your desk, then get to work and wonder where are the bills are you were supposed to mail (yes, I even looked in my trashcan), and while you're wondering, you eat your last Dove dark out of your bowl... you may just want to put your hands together!!! Yes, on my backseat, on a 90+ Monday afternoon - I found the bills and sadly, the chocolate. Or what used to be chocolate. See, I put the bills in the bag with the chocolate because I KNEW I wouldn't forget to bring THAT up to my office. Here's to Tuesdays!

When I got home, look what was in my mailbox... Is that a box from the Denver Rockies? I believe it is!!! What could it be???

Why I do believe my dear friend who called me on Friday, Mr. Howell, has send me a little pressie!!

He did!! Look - it's round and has a little blue ball player on it - WATCH OUT - HE'S SWINGING FOR THE CLUB LEVEL!! Sorry - flashback.

Yee haw! He did - he sent me a ball. Really, those people at the Rockies were so nice. Especially the EMT's. Thanks Denver Rockies! That was the most pleasant injury experience I've ever had... and really, considering the convention curse, that's saying a lot. But really, thanks.

Check this out - click here. Isn't that beautiful? Now I had to bring my own twisted self to this challenge, and here's how it went down. For some reason, I know a lot of people who really hate blueberries. I can't fathom it. First of all, they're blue. But they just taste good. In stuff, on stuff, by themselves. Give em another shot, that's all I'm saying. Also, I have a terrible weakness in the sample thing they do at Central Market. If someone is there offering me something to eat or drink, I feel terrible if I don't a) try it b) tell them how good it is and c) buy it. Sometimes more than one of it. I feel like I'm really damaging someone's self esteem if I don't. Also, I know two people who started their businesses this way - Paula Bryant of Two Hot Mamas Salsa Company, who is a stamp customer of mine - and Beanie, my sister in law's sister who started Beanie's Salsa. The sampling days not only are a huge boost to sales, but get them hooked into being put on the grocery stores shelves. There - now I've shared my sample guilt with all of you and you must, you WILL sample and buy everything you are offered at CM from now on. I feel better. I digress. So tonight, while making myself some blueberry tea (tell me that can doesn't just stop your heart!) which I bought after sampling this weekend, I thought to myself, "Self - since blue makes everything better, what about a spooky blue pumpkin patch?" Those little islands on the can just gave me a pumpkin vibe.. So I thought I'd throw down sort of a Dr. Seuss-y snide patch thing meets the Great Pumpkin, with a little sparkle for the frost you know would be all crunchy on top of the blue pumpkins if blue pumpkins were, indeed, blue. And yes, I confess, a delightful procrastination technique these blue pumpkins were. That's why I didn't make them into a finished card. That would have been complete procrastinative abandon. ;) Happy Monday. Check your backseat.


  1. I LOVE your punpkins. Funny, I have that tea and didn't think of blue pumpkins , and frosting! will turn all of us into Blues admirers.

    I think that it's really quite lovely of the Rockies club to send a little package to you. Do you know if the ball is THE ball?

  2. what a delightful day you had, for a monday! love the pressie you got from the rockies--now there's some guilt, if you ask me!

    the blue pumpkins are so cool. i'd try dimming the background to a deep grey to make it seem more like the moon is making them shine. are you aware that there are white pumpkins, so this bluish tinge could be somewhat realistic? i know; it's more fun to think of them as seuss-esque.

    SOOOOO sorry to hear about your chocolate loss...i so feel your pain, as i am a dark dove lover too! i worked for 6 years in a gourmet chocolate shop before moving south, and it was quite a delight to be able to eat whatever i wanted for those years. you would've died for the chocolate covered blueberries, or blueberries in a pool of chocolate! happy day, make me smile!

  3. Love your blue pumpkins! And I wish I was drinking a cup of that blueberry tea right now.

    I will NOT check my backseat. I'm afraid of what I might find...I have kids (two boys to be exact)...Need I say more???

    I can't believe you left chocolate in your backseat! Goofy Girl!

    Love ya,


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