Sunday, August 12, 2007

My own straw poll

Must we really start talking about the election now? Grr... I'm switching to FoodTV right this very instant. I have my own straw poll to conduct about a very important issue affecting all of us, that being the right choice in chocolate milk. What's your absolute fave? Borden? Promised Land? Tell me!


  1. I don't drink chocolate milk, but my 5-year-old likes any brand, especially the kind McDonald's sells. :)

  2. so often we put the focal image to the left, so I really like your card! you're quite the watercolorer, dear!

    I don't usually buy chocolate milk, but when I do it can't be less than 2% or it doesn't evoke the correct food memory. My husband and son like Ovaltine to make their chocolate milk anytime, day or night or middle of the night.

    First day of school 7th grader is nervous.bob1jenn

  3. lovely card! I see that you are crop-a-diling! You know, I may have to break down and get one of these also! Really nice effect on the border and the circle.
    Promised Land for the CM;

  4. mmmm chocolate! I like chocolate milk with a straw! Why is it when you make chocolate milk at home it never tastes as rich as the premixed stuff? Loving your blog! :-)


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