Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rough week - WOW

My 30's are going out with a bang. I won't bum you out, but the last two weeks have been unreal. Topping it off, a trip to Corpus for a funeral, where the water was contaminated with E. Coli, and someone rear ended me while I was stopped at a light. She was going about 30 and never hit her brakes. So, I am very sore and this is why there's been Understand Blue radio silence. But I'm back because I'm doing guess what tonight? Procrastistamping. I have my camp Saturday, which I'm excited, but unprepared for. So I'm getting started this evening without turning my head or making any sudden moves, and here is my first project. This is based on a cute card from one of the demonstrations at convention. I am combining it with the punch box and textured notes for the promotion - tell me what you think. I have three projects to go.. Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow.

What should my other two projects be? One fun thing I thought of is giving each of them 1 hour of my online defensive driving to do. Sharing is caring, right? They would learn something, be giving me a birthday present - it's totally a win win.

Hey - little tip here - the placement of the flower punch and the size of your present - extremely important relationship between these two!! I had to go with a 1X4 strip for the present, scored at 1" intervals. The first one was super cute with a 1.25" present, but when the card folded closed it showed through the punched out flowers. Live and learn. Also, my photo is not doing the color scheme justice - that soft sky designer series paper looks so cute with the wild wasabi textured note. Let me know what you think?

In hopes of breaking my unlucky streak I entered a contest for a flat screen TV - check it out here - there is only one day left to enter!! Hurry!! Thanks Best Buy!


  1. Lydia! I'm so sorry you got rear-ended. I LOVE your cute card!

    You should be getting a package from me in the mail tomorrow, so be sure to get your mail, alright?

    Love ya,

  2. I think the card is way cute, although the circle tag folded on the side is a bit "out there" for me. I think you should CASE whatever you find that looks fun to you and get some help cutting! I've been cutting for an hour and my neck hurts...and I didn't even get rear-ended! Why do YOU have to take defensive driving, if you weren't the one who caused the accident? Crazy world... Take lots of ibuprofen and use ice on it to take the swelling down. Of course, eat chocolate (that's the best medicine), and relax.


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