Friday, August 31, 2007

Badger :-(

My sister's dog, Badger, had surgery this week and everyone in the house has been sleeping on the floor with her so she doesn't hurt herself, so I thought I should have a dog themed card for her! I don't have a dog, and yet, I bought this set. Stamping psychology should actually be a choice for your college major, don't you think? We are all nuts! =)
More later on this fabulous 3 day stamping weekend!!


  1. Sorry to hear about Badger. I hope he/she heals quickly. On another note, I too have that stamp set, but don't have a dog. I think I bought it so I could use it to make cards for people that DO have dogs...or maybe I just saw a cute card done with that set and decided that I HAD to HAVE it NOW (if you know what I mean) and of course, I have it now, but have not used it yet...but I hope to use it sometime, and when I am ready to use it, I'll have it and I won't have to wait to get it in order to use it. Do you think all of us stampers have some type of brain disorder that causes us to do this??? Something to ponder tonight....

    Love ya kiddo,

  2. Thank you for asking about Badger. She's doing quite well, all things considered. I highly recommend the Ladies Thermarest self-inflating camp pad for those weeks when you have to sleep on the tile floor next to your convalescing dog. For some reason they are cushier than the men's. And, yes, you should have a dog stamp set - especially if you don't have a dog.


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