Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Brighton Your Day!

So dinner was great. I ate too much... So it's a good thing we had a long walk after. The girls walked me back through the mean streets of Denver and popped up for a visit with me & the fishy. I'm sure this is our last night together, old Paint and I.. He's been with me two days, so he's kind of a snatched fish walking in the eyes of the hotel staff. The inhumanity of it all!!

After dinner we went to Brighton because some boots on the ground leaked that they were doing a Stampin' Up! only gift certificate drawing. And not only was it the truth, but their entire glass case at the cash register was temporarily transformed into a card showcase! Ladies who had entered the drawing had left some swaps, and it was spectacular! Check it out.

We think that that was just a super fabby gesture! Now, while the girls were here and I was pointing out the Jolly Roger, we noticed all Alfred Hitchcock style that there was a girl on her hands and knees studiously cleaning her floor in an apartment across the street. Going over the same spot over and over again, all the furniture moved out of the way. Are you thinking what we're thinking? TOTALLY A MURDER!! We can't wait till we get interviewed on Greta VanSusteren!! Man are these conventions fun!!

Alrighty, your girl is sleepy. Gotta go. Long day tomorrow.. I'll send updates! Chriss - YES on the wine bar! I'll give you a shout!

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