Monday, August 20, 2007


It's true. We're having a secret stamping happy hour. Is it a secret if you put it on a blog? Probably not. But it's as secret as it can get in 2K7 right? Jane? Are you in? Don't use some lame excuse like school. I won't stand for it. Next Wednesday. You know how to get in touch with us..

Now, back to the mail. Were we not talking about the mail? Because I was thinking about the mail, and I always assume that everyone is up to speed on what is rattling around in my head. Well we stampers, we live for mail, right? WELL WHAT ABOUT WHEN YOU GET STAMPED CARDS FROM YOUR STAMPING IDOLS IN THE MAIL???? LIKE ON SATURDAY WHEN I GOT THESE FROM PAM!!!??? Seriously, I sent this woman the world's most boring birthday card, and look what she sends me for my birthday! I'm not worthy!
She's the best. She has no idea where the secret stamping happy hour is. She's being picked up at an undisclosed location and just DELIVERED to the location. heh heh... that will teach her to say "sure thing, sugar!" Well, she doesn't really talk like that. But it would be funny if she did. Especially in that Michigan accent. I'm giving myself the giggles.
Gotta go..


  1. when's your birthday? are you the big 4-0 yet?

  2. Boy, Lydia, you sure have one heck of a super, wonderful, sweet, adorable, fantastic, incredible and talented upline!


  3. that I know about the secret meeting, I have to pass or come very late. Earl is working late next week! I'm quite sad because I love to be a part of anything secret!! :-) Too bad Pam is so humble eh?


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