Sunday, August 26, 2007

Nice People EVERYWHERE!!

Okay - so I finally checked my mail! Look at all my goodies!! Four hand stamped cards Saturday! Check it out - my friend Vee somehow cut this star in the front, and sandwiched some beautiful patterned mulberry paper between that and the card base. LOOK - A BLUE RHINESTONE! She hand dyed a vellum tag for the sentiment. Beautiful. She's so sweet. She is the one who started the Pei Wei lunch tradition after my monthly class, which I look forward to every time. She is also very disciplined about sending out cards to people she knows every month - why don't we all do that?? Then Chriss, my talented downline and owner of Cards by Chriss, sent me TWO blue card, both with her signature precise, beautiful multilayered images that are painstakingly cut out. Look at the two layers of scallops!! She is amazing. She knows me a little too well because the inside says "I know that this isn't all blue, I just had to add the Old Olive!!" And finally - speaking of painstaking cutting, my photo DOES NOT do this amazing card from Jenn Justice!!! Aside from the hand cut triptych trifold, look at the small flowers in the center of the four big flowers - THESE ARE PERFECTLY CUT OUT AND LAYERED! I absolutely love the color combo here - two warms with two cools - totally going to rip this off. You ladies amaze me!!! Thank you so much for brightening my birthday & for being my buddies!!!!

On to two gifts from my mom, who SHOWERED me with jewelry today!! I got earrings, pearls, and this - (listen for the sharp intake of breath here) RING!!! OMG! My birthstone is peridot, which are the stones around the outside. And in the center, pale green jade.. WOW. Thanks Mom! And the second gift, since i know you girls are going to comment on it - my fingernails! My sister and I got this killer nail gene from our momma - yes, those are mine. And they are tough as... well, nails. =)

Hope you ladies have a great Monday.. CU soon.


  1. Beautiful ring... and such pretty finger nails! What's a nail gene?

  2. Hope your whole birthday weekend was sounds like it must have been!
    I'll see you at our SSSSH wed., that is if my head deflates by then to fit into my vehichle. Have a super Monday!

  3. glad you liked the the western baroque card--didn't know it was your birthday when i sent it!


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