Saturday, August 25, 2007


Wow is it cool to have stamping buddies!! Two of them - Jane & Chriss came by last night for my party and look what they brought me! Jane made me this "Buy the Sanded Background Stamp RIGHT NOW - DO IT" card. I call it that because that's what I hear in my head every time I look at it. She used Sage Shadow with the boho DSP, and we talked about that beautiful color - why don't we use it more.. Inside the card were two lotto tickets, one scratch off and one quick pick for the mega millions - that had 40 as one of the numbers!! Sweet girl.

Chriss brought me this stunning 3D Fabulous Flowers card - look at how she overstamped 3 different background stamps beneath the flower. The photo doesn't do the texture she achived justice. Then she gave me a little blue package filled with all blue goodies!!!!! WOW. I am so happy stamping brought these ladies into my life. Talent AND beauty AND brains! Thanks, friends!!
Now I'm off to a quick video production class so I can get my license and use the multi million dollar video and sound equipment that the city has.. Fun! I'm not really sure why I'm doing it, but it could be the senility and unpredictability that accompanies my advanced age.
Then I am going to come home and STAMP - so stay bloggy & get your comments ready! =)

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  1. Since I borrowed Sanded from Rita (who won it and we didn't!) I had the same mantra in my head as we used it at my open house. An expensive card for us all!! :-)


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