Thursday, August 23, 2007

40 or bust!

Sorry I've been so quiet.. If you listen closely you can hear my 30's walking off and leaving me!! I turn 40 tomorrow. All old broad jokes welcome! Anyway, frantic preparations for a last minute party (you know, cleaning my stamp room mostly) have kept me from posting, so I thought I'd dash off a quick note. I have learned some really fun stuff in Photoshop this week! Do any of you ladies use photoshop?? It's so hard to learn, but each new trick you get under your belt is amazing.

Anyway, since I haven't had time to stamp, here's an old card I did for an anniversary. I'd welcome your anniversary card ideas - my mom & dad's 50th is upcoming, as is my brother & sister in law's 25th. SO I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE GETTING OLD! =) Check out the spinner cards on Jenn's blog - WOW.


  1. Have a wonderful day! Your 40's really aren't THAT bad!


  2. HAPPY HAPPY, my new friend! This is a special week in our household, as our anniversary is also the 25th (#17), and my son turns 13 on Monday.

    Having been in this decade 11 months ahead of you, I can tell you it's no big deal. Enjoy the fun of being celebrated for the unique person you are!

  3. I hope you have an awesome birthday!

    I'm following behind, but not so far.... only 3 years until my big 4-0....

    You're really as old as you let yourself be!


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