Wednesday, August 29, 2007


No worries - it's not a snake! It's the attack of the Secret Stamping Sisterhood, which had its happy hour launch this evening... and it was spectacular! Maybe it should be the Spectacular Secret Stamping Sisterhood SSSS, or the Spectacularly Sassy Secret Stamping Sisters! Whatever you wanna call it, it's FUN. And look at all my goodies!!

What? That's not a goodie!!! YES, THAT IS A SPIDER! Okay, here's the truth. My house is actually leased back to me by the spiders. We in no way own this house - the eight leggers do. It's quite frightening. Especially for a person with impaired vision, such as myself. Let me tell you people something - when you are nearsighted, blurry, furry bugs appear AT CLOSE TO TEN TIMES THEIR NORMAL SIZE!! I AM YELLING BECAUSE I AM VERY SERIOUS. Your girl here often wakes up in the wee hours, quietly tiptoes down the hall and is confronted by a ginormous furry spider. I then am trapped in this weird bug/girl standoff that leaves me all sweaty and cold. Sometimes I just slink off in denial and hope it will go away. Sometimes I fight down the panic long enough to kill it, at which point I'm rewarded with - that's right, a spider the size of a golf ball all grodied to the bottom of a beloved shoe. ugh. Well this specimen right here is in the middle of a six foot wide web right outside my door that he/she/demon has been constructing since my birthday. That's because I've discovered they can learn... A frightening thought. But I know this because for weeks, I've been walking into this things web at 5:30 AM, dancing around like a crazy person, driving to Starbucks and making my barista paw through my hair looking for this disgusting creature. So it LEARNED! Doesn't that scare you?? It moved over a few feet and is now a permanent resident. If you click on the photo, you can see a teeny fly caught in the lower right. If anyone can identify this hideous beast, please do tell.. I need to know if it's poisonous. But a good segue to my card I brought for the girls tonight. A blog CASE from Sarah Peale's amazing blog, but I added booglie eyes - MAN ARE THESE FAKE SPIDERS SO CUTE!!Why can't the real ones be like this?

Okay, back to stamping. So everyone brought pressies!! WOW. Here are some samples! To the right, a cute bag and matching hand sanitizer - how awesome is this??? Pam CASE'd it from Angie Tieman. Then, this beautiful card based on one of Beate's sketch challenges from Chriss. WOW. The details are amazing!! Then, to the right, a Pam creation - note the closure with the teeny element - beautiful. We all agreed that the boho color combos are just freaking SASSY! And yes, my girl gave up a rhinestone brad!! Yeehaw! Then, Chriss, made me an incredible BLLLLUUUUEEE birthday card. This is bayou blue and my photo does NOT do it justice. It is stunning. You can't see the texture here at all - the sanded background stamp (AARGH) on top really adds that texture that makes all of Chriss' cards so special.

Now the last one, to the right is Pams. Again with the Sanded background - really ladies? Like I can't smell the collusion here!?!?! HMPH. I WILL BUY IT!!! Click to see the delicate piercing in the corners this is beautiful and the fall colors might put it into my upcoming fall stamp class on the 8th.

I'm sooo... looking forward to the long weekend! I hope to stamp and post a lot, especially a secret project I'm working on.. Stay tuned.

So until next time, goodnight! Don't let the spiders bite!! =)

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