Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hurricane Countdown...

The weather is changing in advance of the hurricane, and everyone is talking millibars and bottled water. Aah, summer.

The camp was fun today. Neelam's sister came, and she put her own spin on the projects and they were FABULOUS! It's hard for me to on the spot create - and she did a few extremely creative things on the spur of the moment, for example, this variation on the first project. She punched through both layers of the love note, then adhered her patterned paper to the back of the note so it showed through both layers and attached her tag to the bottom. ADORABLE!! Better than the original, I think.

There were two projects I didn't post last night because I was too tired. The first is actually my own creation! I'm so excited. It was inspired by Kristina Werner, stamping genius.

It's on a River Rock base, and the accents are apple cider designer paper, Purely Pomegranate ink & CS, and my pet cropadile. He makes a little purring sound when I do dots and divots together - so super cute! I'm going to send this one to Stampin' Up! because I think it really uses the maximum number of punches possible on a single card.

The last project was a close copy of a project Jaron Winder showed at convention. It's a small trifold using the new textured 12x12 cardstock, that is meant to hold a photo in the center section. His photo was sepia toned which was really beautiful with the chocolate chip and soft sky cardstock. His sample is on the Art from the Heart CD from convention, and may at some point be on the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator website. If I find it there, I will let you know.

Happy Stamping everyone - I'm off to dinner... If you want to get in on the punch box sale this month - email me


  1. i love it when people exercise creative license with my designs! i've never claimed to be creative, but i CASE well.

    i really like your punch card with the star! i went to kwerner's blog the other night, and i love the scallop punch with the circle cut-out. the star is super cute, and this would be a great one for 4th of july or a birthday celebration...i'm really going to have to try that little book thing too.

  2. Hi, my name's Casey Young. You don't know me, but I found your site by searching for Google's mutual interests. I'm starting a blog for entry-level PR people to help each other network and get advice on starting out. Seeing some of your work with design and stamping on your blog, I thought you might be interested in:

    Commenting and leaving advice
    Posting on my blog
    Linking to each other's sites
    or what have you.

    I just started the blog, but if you're interested, the site is

    I'm also from Texas, and just wanted to say good luck from Hurricane Dean if you're in the vicinity of it hitting you. Thanks again!

  3. Wow, Lydia! Can I join your stamp club??? Your projects ROCK! LOVE the star card! I am definitely casing that one. I love simple, but WOW cards/gifts. I have to stop reading blogs and start stamping stuff. I haven't stamped for a whole week. Yikes! Your projects are just so amazing! You make me proud. :)

    Hey, I had margarita's with Jane yesterday and she told me all about your fun plane trip home from convention.

    Oh, and I have a card that uses 8 different punches. (This is my competitive side coming out. Man, I must be psycho...I am a competitive, passive aggressive, closet exhibitionist) How do you put up with me???

    Love ya,

  4. I LOVE the crop-o-dile card that you created. Verrrrry sweet and stylish...and dimensional! Darn that crop-o-dile...I think that I may need to purchase one. Great job on your creations from your stamp camp!

  5. Hi Lydia. This is Neesha, Neelam's sister. Thanks for the shout out!

  6. Hello! What gorgeous stuff you're creating! Jaron would be so proud! He might even sing just for you! Hey, if Pam gets to be in your stamp club then I want to be too! And what is this I hear about a secret meeting??


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