Friday, May 20, 2011

Sounds Food. I Live You.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know that Iphone autocorrect is a frequent topic of my tweets.

I used a Blackberry for a long time before I got the Iphone, and it's far superior in several ways. For one thing, it's actually a phone, meaning it can be used to make and receive calls, which the Iphone cannot. If a bird flies over your head at 1,000 feet in the middle of a prairie filled with AT&T cell towers, your Iphone will drop the call. Forget about walking into a building. That's how it is in Austin, anyway.  My dad always says phone service improved until about 1976, and then degraded rapidly to it's current Alexander Graham Bell level of quality and I do believe he's right. Don't tell him I said that. It will go to his head.

But in addition to making calls, the Blackberry allowed you to edit the custom dictionary, so that if you frequently say things like "SQUEEEEEEEE" it doesn't autocorrect them to a word that would embarass your mother and get you excommunicated as soon as you hit send.

However, you can't buy coffee at Starbucks with a Blackberry, play Angry Birds or make little paintings out of your photos, and herein lies the tradeoff. I still have both phones, by the way.

But sometimes I imagine what the world sounded like to Steve Jobs when he was growing up that made him create the auto correct dictionary the Iphone uses. Did his parents have some sort of neurological tic that made them talk like this?

Mom: "Hi Honeybadger. Want to meet fir drunks later?"
Dad: "Is Steve chiming too?"
Mom: "No - he told me to go to he'll. He's working on a dictionary. Whatever that means."
Dad: "Okay - sounds food. See you thereby. I live you."
Mom: "I live you too."

His actual last name must be Seuss.

Anyway - this weekend is PACKED with craftiness!! First, it's the Pirate Party Virtual Stamp Night Weekend! That means a full weekend of stamping challenges so I'll have lots to share over the next few weeks. I love the pirate theme. :) Come on over and play!

The first challenge was made for me! It's Beate's Blue Waters challenge, and it was to use aqua, light green and kraft together. I watercolored the Fabulous Florets image with Cool Caribbean and Kiwi Kiss. The card base is Crumb Cake with French Script (retired) in Crumb Cake and a piece of lace that my sweet, sweet friend America sent me. The greeting is from Best Yet (retired).

I just can't get enough of that floral image. It's so fun to color!

In the midst of all the VSN fun, this weekend is the Renegade Craft Fair. I'm SO excited. This is the best, most offbeat of all the many craft shows I go to. Very quirky and fun. Best of ALL, I get to spend my time there with Libby, Dana, Lisa and Kim!! Squeee!!!

Add to that, my Saturday morning stamping class, and yours truly is going to be one tired little puppy come Sunday night!

What's up with you, little buttercups?


  1. AWESOME! It's time to roll! I'm off to get my stamp on! Love your poppies!

  2. So pretty. I should consider a watercolor class for The Ladies, but then I'd have to master it myself first. ;/

    And yeah, I love that Dana's email signature says, "Sent from my iPhone. Not responsible for any typos." BWAHAHAHAHA!

    WV: unskest
    unsk. unsker. unskest.

  3. Wow, love love the way you color those images! Great card---as usual 8D

  4. Are ya tired of hearing me say that I "live" the layers on your cards? *smile* A fun puzzle for the eyes...


  5. I can't stop laughing. I live you, Lydia. LOL!

  6. HAHHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH!!!! When I stop laughing I'll be able to tell you how incredibly beautimous your card is. :) HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAH!!!!

  7. I have both phone too.... I use my BB primarily but I can't seem to walk away from my iPhone either! So conflicted!!


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