Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Come and Listen to a Story About a Card Named Fred...

Yes, we named our card. Fred.


Yes, we.

See, sometimes it takes a village to make a card. So gather round the fire, and let me tell you the story of Fred.

We have a friend named Sue Farrant. A spunky Irish gal, Sue entertains us with baby animals, fantastic cards and the most outrageously hilarious auto-correct mistakes you've ever seen. She tweets pure hilarity and we love her dearly.

Her mother must also have been an incredible woman to have shaped the little ball of fun and talent we get to enjoy every day. We didn't get to meet her mom, but Sue loved her, so we loved her too. And when the time came for Sue to say goodbye to her mother, we thought that maybe together we could do something better than we could do alone to show her that we wanted to divide her grief, as she has always multiplied our joy. We love you, Sue.

Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, 
by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief.
--Joseph Addison

Hence, Fred was born. Fred is a progressive card, that has passed through each of our hands, and become the better for it. Fred was born in my stamp room, as this boring little fella:

That's what he looked like the last time I saw him, so I will be seeing his evolution today along with you, as you hop from friend of Sue to friend of Sue. To celebrate this great lady, her wonderful mother and just the joy of having friends like Sue and all the wonderful women who put this card together, we are going to have some gifts for you as you watch little Fred grow and become a man-card. :) See the end of this post for details on my gift.

But now, let's take a look at Fred's journey by traveling through the circle of friends below.. (these are in the order of Fred's evolution)

1) (You are here) - Lydia
2) Dana Keith
3) Mary Dawn Quirindongo
4) Leslie Hanna
5) Lisa Adametz
6) Michelle Hanway
7) Dreena Guptil
8) Tara Liddicoat

I will enjoy watching little Fred grow up today.

When you're done, please stop by and leave our good friend Sue a little love... After all, she has to live with Fred now! :)

For my gift, I ask only that you make a card for your mom or for a friend, and post that card on Splitcoast or on your blogs, and come back here and post a link. Everyone who enters by the end of the day on Mother's Day will be entered to win a Sizzix Bigz Scallop Squares Duo die as well as some fun surprise goodies from me.


  1. Aw, I love how you summarized the story. And yes, Sue rocks the typos! :)

  2. I don't blog. I love splitcoast stampers which is how I found you but I do not know how to upload. I only came into the 21st century last week with a new 42" flat screen tv AND cable for the first time in my life which I requested for my Mother's Day gift. But all this being said, does not stop me from telling you how fab I think Fred turned out. I was just amazed how each person added the right something. I hurried through to see the end. Now I'll go back and actually check out each blog. TFS.

  3. Most original blog hop ever - and the perfect way for friends to "get together" to send their love!

  4. A card for a friend made by several friends..a sweet idea. Fred turned out just great and I;m sure Sue will treasure it always.

  5. This is the most wonderful idea! Fred is off to a good start…let me see how he progresses :)

  6. Love the quote and I love everything you said about Sue. She deserves it. And I am so grateful to have been a part of this blog hop. xoxo

  7. Ah Lydia, I adore you. I had no idea who/or what FRED was..and started to get comments on my blog and wondered if you actually were sending a toyboy along too!! LOL
    Thank you for being such a wonderful girl! Love you.

  8. Internet strangers become friends. What a wonderful idea you had Lydia and pals. Blessed is Sue to have you all in her life. Hugs to Sue and all of you. Fred looks great!

    I have my own story. Was moving last Sat. and ALL my moving strong men backed out at last minute except my 2 daughters,3 small grandchildren & 2 friends of friends who could only work 3 hours. The truck got loaded but NO ONE was able to help off-load. I had found a desk on Craigslist and was to pick it up Sat. Owner's daugher Leigh Ann stepped up & offered to finish moving me and got her hubby, daugher and a friend to help. Strangers no more. But special firends.

  9. your writing in this post is so beautiful, and the idea is fred-ly genius!

    be back later with my mom's day card.

  10. Hi Lydia,
    Just wanted to thank you for replying to my question and referring me to your video on explaining the "gallery" in splitcoast stampers.
    Tumbleweed Tess

  11. Ooooh....I followed Fred through the evolution and can only say it worked beautifully.....the joint effort resulted in a beautiful card.... But I hope Fred is short for Fredrique because the card is so dainty and feminine that Fred must be her nickname!

  12. What a beautiful card this ended up being, and what a wonderful group of women to make it for a friend. Way to go girls!!!


  13. cutest idea EVER! love love love! (and that blue is completely DIVINE!)

  14. What a cool thing to do for a friend. Lydia, you rock!

  15. What a sweet expression of love and compassion all wrapped up into a card to give to a grieving friend. And you know she will treasure it, too.


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