Thursday, May 12, 2011

Batten Down the Hatches!

That's right. It's 10 AM and it's PITCH DARK. After months of having the entire state burn, we are actually going to get some rain today. You know it's a desperate situation if I want it to rain because I really can't stand water in any of its forms... But boy oh boy do we need it.

I thought I'd better post my scary pirate ship before I had to go below deck. Parts of the city are already without power and getting hailed on - wheee! :)

I made this card for a VSN sketch challenge - it was so fun, because I got to use this cool design on the Nautical Expedition DSP for two of the sketch elements - so this was a very quick card.

The cool anchor from The Open Sea tricked everyone -  most people who saw this card thought the anchor was a charm - but I just stamped it and cut it out. I added an Antique Brad and a greeting from Ahoy Matey and kaboom! Easy all blue piratey card!
So I'm off - it's getting pretty dramatic out there. Have good rainy Thursday!


  1. i was thinking to myself yesterday that we needed SU to offer anchor charms! enjoy the rain and send some our way, would you?

  2. Great card for the occasion. Glad you're getting rain.

  3. Love when dsp makes a card so easy...the way I see it, those paper designers went to all that trouble, why not give them a little of the stage?

  4. I'm ashamed to say I still haven't opened this awesome paper! And I love how you used the sketch! That anchor looks great! LOVE!


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