Saturday, May 7, 2011

And Also With You...

My day started oddly.

With an alien sighting.

I was driving back home from Starbucks and it was quite overcast, so everything was the same shade of boring grey and it was harder to make out details than normal.

This is when animals that don't come out during the day like to move around, because they know there is less contrast and it's harder to see them.

Aliens know this too.

So when I was almost right up on the alien, the first thing I saw was just motion. It was flesh colored, and naked, of course. I've never heard of aliens wearing clothes. It was just a few feet tall, but very thin and sort of wobbly. It wobbled out into the street.

I slammed on my brakes, as did the SUV next to me, and then, when we were stopped, we watched it.

We had startled the little alien and it was scared. But it turned and looked at us, and we realized it was a brand new baby deer.

It was so tiny and new to walking, and it was about 85% leg. Such a delicate little frail thing. I don't know why he ran out into the street - I hope it wasn't fire ants. But he turned and ran into the woods instead of running across the street, so we were relieved. Be safe, little deer! Run like the wind! May the horse be with you!!!

I laughed so hard when I saw this stamp - I had to have it. Here's a tip for stamp stores - have card samples in your restroom! It was on a card in the restroom at Stamp Salado that I saw this greeting, and of course I went out and looked for it.

I clear embossed the little horse from Wanted (retired) and then sprayed him with Adirondack Color Washes in Lettuce and Stream to get that nice green. The embossing folder is a Tim Holtz one, and the brad is from the Antique Brads collection.

Don't forget - I'm giving away a Big Shot die! All you gotta do is make a card! Details are in the Fred post.

Until we meet again - may the horse be with you!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! Perfection!

    WV: vasatela

    I'm pretty sure I strained my vasatela today when I unload and reloaded my car. Ow.

  2. Love that stamp too! Uh Oh. Where was the baby's mom? They're usually very good on keeping an eye on their kids.

  3. Thanks! The horse IS with me! I have this retired filly, so thanks for the inspiration...*smile*

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Love it!!!!!

    I love how you're using that Tim Holtz embossing folder lately...freakin brilliant. That stamp is so perfect. Of course I love all Star Wars puns :D


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