Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Went to Sleep a Tape Girl...

And woke up a glue girl.

It's like when you find you've been transformed from someone who hates cutting things out, to a complete cutting maniac. Or from a non-colorer into a line art loving, coloring fiend.

It just happens sometimes. I could find people to blame, but the bottom line is, I now love glue because it STICKS. I've learned to just use a little so I don't get warping or squish extra glue out. I'm a known over-adherer so this was tough, but it can be done. I also think, although I haven't completed my study, that it is more economical than tape runners. I will study and report back.

I've already gone through a few bottles of this. 

Now, speaking of economical - a brief sidetrack. Grocery store foil is for suckers. I use a lot of foil, because I put it on my cookie sheets, make hot sandwiches, etc. I probably use a few square feet a day. A roll of foil - even the big roll, wouldn't last more than a few weeks. Ridiculously expensive. But, about a year ago, I bought a box of the foodservice foil sheets like this at Costco and experienced a budgetary epiphany! It's .0242 per square foot. Even at WalMart, the presumptive price leader, foil is .039/square foot. That's a pretty hefty difference if you use a lot of foil. The bonus? Not sawing your hand off or tearing jaggedy strips off those dumb boxes, because the foil sheets are precut. WIN! That's my random share for the day.

Now my NOT so random share is the sample I made for our Paper Button Tutorial at Splitcoast today! Have you made these? They are so easy and cute, and frugal since we're on that topic!

On my button, I used several layers of Crystal Effects instead of just one, and man does this thing ever look like a real button!! The rest of the card was super easy - four die cuts, an embossing folder and some ribbon.
Stamps: MFT Flowers Ink: Basic Black, Soft Sky Paper: Soft Sky, Bo Bunny, Whisper White 
Accessories: May Arts Ribbon, 1" Circle punch, 3/4" Circle Punch, Crop-a-Dile,
Die-namics dies - Rolled Daisy, Well Worn Words, Decorative Doily, Dizzy Border

Cute as a button, eh?

Now go forth and find bargains.


  1. Fab card as usual!!I love all th elacy bits, and WISH SU still has Soft Sky!
    Those foils, I use them also for Hilighting hair! Cut in half..

    word verif- "COGRATI"- Italian Congrats!

  2. Ok, I have long been a glue girl - but my glue of choice is Scotch Brand Quick Dry Tacky Glue. I think it could hold a bumper on a car. And I totally agree with you - glue holds! I think I've used every brand of tape out there - and still do - but glue is fast, easy, cheap and it STICKS!
    Love your card - Is that lacey border is gorgeous!

  3. Thank you for the explanation of several layers of Glossy Accents, because I still find it hard to believe that's not a real button :D.
    Welcome to the glue side - I'm an Aleene's Tacky girl, I bulk buy it. I think the only thing you really can't use glue on is vellum.
    Oh - and I hear ya on those pesky boxes. I beak my green ethos and buy my cling film in a non-fillable container that dispenses perfectly and that you can't cut yourself on.

  4. Now I can't remember if Blogger lost my comment or if I only left one in your gallery! Pretty sure I left one here; being a glue gal myself I think I was welcoming you to the wet side ;D. Purely in adhesive terms - I hope your storms were of much shorter duration. We had a lot of thunder and lightning and intermittent downpours today.

  5. Glue all the way! It sticks, unlike snail.

  6. I'm an ATG gal all the way. Well, except that I'm having an affair with my MS glue gel. I make too much of a mess with most glues.

    And I've never had a problem with snail not sticking. Hmmm ...

    PS: I need to break out my MFT daisy die. OMG, stunning!

  7. Thank you for sharing the link to this tutorial. I must try this right away! Also, I'm teetering on using glue for my main adhesive, but I'm so heavy handed that it's a little scary to make the switch. I don't want to get my project and myself all messy. :) I've been disappointed in the staying power of snail.

  8. Will have to look into this because I really couldn't find the "paper" button until I read your post...*smile*
    A foil option without the occasional skin cuts? I'll check that out...

  9. Since I have hoarding tendencies, I won't be needing to make a button out of cardstock anytime soon...but OMG HOW FREAKING CUTE!!! And with that daisy die OMG!

  10. Hi Lydia,
    I woke up a glue girl too a few months back. I love that same bottle of glue! It's very practical. I was tired of double-sided tapes lifting up after awhile. Tombow sticks very well.

    The card is gorgeous!

  11. Glue for vellum - YES! Zip Dry won't buckle the paper! My tape is too wide for many projects where I stick vellum, and it doesn't hold as well. Zip Dry is clear and if you over-adhere, the excess can be pulled off after it dries. It is also easier to apply in a very thin stream, as opposed to my Scotch Quick Dry. Win-win!


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