Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweet Holidays

I was making a cute little piñata card for Cinco de Mayo when I realized that most holidays are not, in fact, pagan or Christian or anything else - they are just candy vectors for kids. It's fall? Let's dress up and ask strangers for candy. Spring? Let's see... Oh - I know - a large rabbit can hide candy for us in eggs. Because everyone know bunnies lay eggs, right? Oh here's one - let's whack a donkey with a bat till candy falls out!!

Come on people, I think we all know no adult came up with these plots. The same crowd that brought you the hot lava game and banana fana fo fana is in charge of your vacation days. So be nice to the little buggers.

So speaking of whacking a donkey till candy comes out....

Isn't he the cutest?

I inked up the little piñata from Cumpleanos in Versamark and then striped him with the new Melon Mambo, Wild Wasabi and Tangerine Tango embossing powders so he looked like the little pinatas we had at virtually every birthday party I went to when I was little.

I dangled him from some clear tinsel trim, and punched out 1" circles from Wild Wasabi, Tangerine Tango and Melon Mambo to go behind the oval. To make him stand out a bit, I outlined him with a Versamarker. The greeting is from Something to Celebrate.

I hope you agree that he's way too cute to hit with a stick! You'll just have to get your candy at Walgreen's!

Happy Friday!


  1. You can't stop the spread of Chocolate! The situation is so much more complex than you picture. Kids only count for about 9% of the consumption. The rest of it is for US. We use the holidays as an excuse to have some tasty chocolate around the house, just in case the little beggers come calling. Don't buck the system. ;>

    spnkydra (wv) - A Khzakstanian implement used to whack Pinatas. (Communist pinatas are in the shape of little Sputniks, and they're filled with potatoes instead of chocolates)

  2. Wow...pinatas are everywhere these days (and not just cuz of Cinco de Mayo). There's a car commercial that shows a little boy whacking away unsuccessfully at a pinata in the shape of that car and, I, who also grew up with that party tradition, thought it started to look a little overly violent! Then The Office episode about Oscar's welcome back party was on and Dwight was looking particularly devilish as he whacked down all pinatas hung as decorations. Poor lil pinatas.... *smile*

  3. Well now...aren't you clever! Love the way you used the EP and how yo enveloped the oval with coordinating scallop colors. So creative!

  4. What a hilarious insight...I'd never thought of our holidays as such...and you're so right! BWAHAHA!!

    I freaking LOVE how you embossed your pinata! Freaking brilliant!!! And your circle punched border is so festive! LOVE


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