Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Few Thoughts on Good and Evil

Not too deep for a Sunday, right?

I was at Costco yesterday. I love Costco. It was early, so it was only 9000 degrees, instead of 15000, and people were happy to have a weekend to enjoy.

I was walking across the parking lot towards the entrance and I hear some idiot honking like they're in Brooklyn. I look up, and I see what happened. A man had stopped in a minivan across from the entrance to the store. He was picking up his wife and three little kids and helping them into the car. Said idiot was behind them laying on the horn like the world was going to end. Why didn't they go around? The parking lot was completely empty. I stood there for a sec. The man, obviously stressed by the horn, still very carefully buckled the wee ones into their seats and gently closed the door. The look on his face was so sad. The car finally whips around and parks literally ten feet from the scene. The guy looks worriedly in that direction, afraid, I'm sure, that some crazed guy was going to get out and kill them all.

I watched.

It was a little 20 something twit with a ponytail. This made me even madder than if it had been a Jeffrey Dahmer type. WTH was wrong with her? Judging from her appearance and her car, her net worth exceeded that of the whole family in the minivan, which made me even sadder. The world served her, apparently, little beast. That won't last, I imagine.

I walk up to the store, and two little old ladies all gussied up in silk shirts and gold earrings were fighting two carts that were stuck together by the kid seatbelt. I unhooked it. One lady says "Aren't you sweet?" all Texany. It was cute. I smiled at her and did not reveal my fantasy of beating that little ding dong to death with my cell phone lest she get skrd of me.

Maybe I'm sweet. Or maybe I'm just not mean, or lacking in powers of observation and couth, as my momma would say.

My friends over at the Daily Drucker always manage to read my mind and had two amazing posts this weekend. This one asks - did I? Could I? Would I do the same thing under different circumstances? I hope not. I hope I'd go around. It's worth thinking about, anyway.

The second one, from Saturday, is just an amazing read. I won't give it away. Enjoy. I hope it gives you happy memories.

So for art today, I thought I should give a nod to special people you might remember after you read all that. Or friends who make you ponder deep thoughts AND make you laugh. That's the best kind of friend.
Now today I had tons of work to do, and only got about 1/8th of it done. I fought with technology hard. Grr. So to restore my creative spirit, I went completely simple for the card.

I saw several things I borrowed for this card on the Pine is Here blog. She does such wonderful things with kraft and copics and white, so I just borrowed the look. I love the greens she uses especially. So with a single green Copic, I colored the flower from the new Wings of Friendship set, and then accented with my white gel pen. Simple. But the length of time it took me to color each flower restored my creative spirit and now I can face a waning weekend with peace.
Hope you can too.

Don't forget - tomorrow is Make me Laugh Monday!! :)

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  1. Yay Kydia,

    I am first to comment today! Again I have no idea why that brightends my day! Sould I receive a prize for doing this so often? Nah, just keep being my friend. I am easy to please.

    Anyways, I totally love that card. Too cute! I love how you colored it! It would so look good in Purple or Blue too, don't you think? Speaking of thinking, I think that I will quit typing and make some cards myself.

    Love ya, Lisa A.

  2. Hey girl!

    I totally understand what you mean about good and evil. I promise you that when I see someone like that little girl (because she is acting like a spoiled child) I feel my insides turn into Kathy Bates from "Fried Green Tomatoes", ala, "Face it girls: I'm older and have better insurance."

    I can only hope that one day she will truly understand how foolish she is acting right now. I think the acid test for me that I learned when I was working is "Am I treating this person the way I would want my granny treated?" If the answer was yes, all was well. If I had to answer anything but yes, I checked my attitude pronto! the card! I am making myself a promise that this year my white gel pens are going to start being used much, much more. I have you to thank for that one. Have a great week! Drink tons of water!

  3. Horns from behind, and frantic behavior from drivers behind me - fills me with a sense of inner peace. I'm doing what I'm doing for a reason, even under pressure to do otherwise, pressure exerted by people who lack the vision of the Big Picture. Hey, if you wanna be in front of me, you shoulda left the house five seconds earlier... Thanks for the reinforcement and constant inspiration.

  4. I can't wait for tomorrow..if you have not seen what i am going to post for Make Me Laugh will not only pee yourself but probably also fall off your chair...
    heck...even if you have seen it you will do it all over again...Hahahaha

    WV Hommini
    as in..Isn't he dead?

  5. Well, after reading what Sue posted, I am tempted to not post my "make you laugh" because it is just a little true family tale that makes me smile 33 years later! But Sunday's post of the horn experience reminded me of perspective and this story: When our daughter was 4, my husband was transferred and we moved to another city. We had to move into an upstairs apartment, inconvenient for me with a preschooler and a 30 pound crawler! In addition, the lady living below us was cranky and intolerant of noise. I was constantly reminding Kristi to not run, jump, etc. because it would disturb the lady downstairs. One morning I heard loud cries of distress coming from the baby's room and ran to check them out. Kristi had her brother nicely balanced on the top rail of the crib while she was standing in her little chair, trying to get him out. Obviously HE realized that she was not going to be successful at the task she had begun!! After rescuing and calming him, I sat down with Kristi to talk about the situation. I asked her if she had any idea of what might have happened if she had dropped her baby brother. Her reply: "It would have disturbed the lady downstairs!" is all in your perspective!!

    I hope it made you laugh...or at least smile.


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