Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thoughts on Being Human

You know how when you see an animal with a defect - like crazy spots (you know - Splotchy), or one ear, or a crooked tail, it makes them cuter?

Why isn't that true of humans? Why are we so completely obsessed with mannequinizing people and then pretending that's real or normal or desirable? It's not - I think it's creepy.

Not that I don't feel at war with my freckles this time of year - I do. I wish they would just band together into a tan, but alas - as my daddy used to say - I've got a map of Ireland on me.

But I'm asking all this because I saw this horrifying airbrush site through a link somewhere I don't remember.

Don't get me wrong - this guy is a photography god. An artist - truly.

But click "Portfolio" at the top, and then click a model from the thumbnails at the bottom. When you move your mouse off the picture, you'll see the airbrushed version. If you go back and forth quickly, you'll see how much their actual shape is changed, not just their faces. Here you go. Top row, second from right is particularly dramatic. Are people disappointed when they see her in real life? That would be crazy sad, because she's very pretty.

Humans. That's all I'm sayin. I like em. "As built" if you will.

So does my little robot from the new catty. He's not all that perfect himself. But he's as cute as a bug in a rug!! And he has a pressie for a human.He's from the new Lots of Bots. EEK - I love it!

I stamped him in black on Going Grey and colored him with red white and blue pencils.

That little binary stamp that comes with the set makes a fabby border.

The greeting - Happy Birthday, Human - is stamped and punched with the new modern label punch.

Then I punched a 3/4" circle out of Real Red and fringed it with my scissors, and added a clear rhinestone brad from the pretties kit.

Not perfect, but human :)

Now speaking of imperfect animals, I was feeling terrible Tuesday. I felt so bad I didn't even finish my quad short breve latte, if that tells you the depth of my yuckiness.

However, once at home, I discovered what the cats do all day.

Marathon sleeps. Crammed onto their teeny chair. This doesn't look comfortable.But each other's belly scars, crazy fur, crooked tail - they don't seem to notice.
Me neither. I think they're perfect.

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  1. love your card. That stamp set is perfect for making cards for dh.

    I know what you mean. I was at work yesterday and I was helping a customer out and I'm just starting to get comfortable in my own skin, imperfections and all and he starts talking to me about my scar.

    Why can't we just be like cats or dogs and just accept each other imperfections and all.


  2. Oh, what gorgeous kitties! Are they tortoiseshell? My Emma is a tortoiseshell and they look like her!

  3. Lydia,

    Cute card, I like how you did that border at the bottom and great coloring on the "bot".

    I love the kitty pics, they are definately perfect! Animals are so darn cute when they are sleeping, especially kitties.

    Lisa A.

  4. Love your bot card! That website is just scary. I hate that even I allow myself to see pictures of these women and think, "Wow...I wish my skin/hair/butt could look like that". Apparently I just need to get better at photo editing and airbrush and it can. The worst part is what it does to our little girls, since they are looking at "real" women they think they really look like those glossy images in the magazine.

    OK, I'm going to go tell my girl how beautiful she is the way God made her!

    Have a great day!

  5. Yeah! Cute robot stamps. Love your card! Love the binary border.

  6. I have only clicked through half of the pictures, but I thought it was funny that the b&w one in the top row was made to have fatter legs, and she still looks unhealthy.

    I love your bots card & your kitties!

  7. Cutest. Robot card. Ever.

    Wow--that website is crazy!! I clicked on every picture & am stunned at HOW much they airbrush. They're real skin IS so much more human & lovely.

  8. I'm so glad the kittehs are back! I've missed them.

    MORE kitteh fotos pls!

  9. I am so glad you included that link. I want to show it to my teenage daughters. Girls are trying to look like these impossible images that aren't how those people really look either!

  10. Love the card! Must....get...that...set! Sorry, Star Trek on the brain.

    As far as freckles.... I "kiss" my daughters freckles off every day. They are yummy and taste like sprinkles!

    She can't help it with two freckled parents. She LUVS her freckles and so do I.

    Yeah, I am pretty fluffy. I don't want anybody to change it. I like me and I like Cletus and that's there is all about that.

    WV-gitis- Down here in Texas y'all we gitis some fixin's and have a feast.!

  11. Wow, instant face-lift, weight loss, muscle size, microderm abrasion......No wonder Barbie dolls look like that! Good grief. No, I'm not tiny and gorgeous, but God still loves me and so do my friends!

    -Theresa (Your bonus sized twin, lol.)

  12. I have the bots set ready for order #2, love the way you've colored it. Awwww, Splotchy & Maddie are just gorgeous! Love seeing pics of your two girls.
    Kydia, you are SO right... mannequinizing (great word btw!). Just looked over that website. WHOA! No wonder eating disorders & self loathing are fairly rampant in our society. Ugh! Could go on a rant about that, but won't...I'd rather think about the kitties, yours, mine and others that I see. Thanks for the balance of cards & cats.
    Auntie Del

  13. Lydia, you have hit the nail on the head with that other website. I think we all could use some lessons in tolerance in this world. Who says what perfect is?

  14. Perfection is boring. I like a smile with a snaggle tooth and faces with lots of laughter lines

  15. Don't you just love cats and the many ways they entertain? Even when they're sleeping all crammed up together in their little chair. At least they're sharing! Too cute! Thanks for the smile. :-)


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