Tuesday, June 23, 2009

People amaze me

Click here if you don't see a video player above.

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  1. That it one heck of a lot of post it notes and very cool!

    Did ya get some slepp? Is time to play patty-cake and ride a shiny new pony? "Slepp" as in "cooma". Good grief, Cletus!

  2. Very cool...I noticed the Savannah School of Art and Design credit at the end. I first heard of them while watching Paula Deen, and she said it really is an amazing school. Seems like someone there has a great imagination!

    I think my verification word should be an entry for MMLM...
    "rewshi"--What Scooby Doo orders when he goes to Uchi for dinner.

  3. OK, I had to go back and count the post-its...1364 up when the wall is completely full. That is dedication.

    Also, a friend on Facebook reminded me of a good story for MMLM, so here goes:

    When I was a new medic I worked in Morgantown, WV for an EMS system that was made up of paid staff and volunteers. Every Sunday from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. I would get on an ambulance with my 3 best guy friends in the world and we would go try to rid the area of disease and pestilence while having as much fun as possible. (We dubbed ourselves "the zoo crew".) One night, we got a call for an elderly lady having chest pain.

    As we go in we find the little lady in her bedroom, laying down. She was very sweet, answering all of my questions and just being the kind of lady that you want to have as your granny. I noticed that there were not only a Bible and rosary beads in her room, but also a nun's habit. I asked her if she was a nun and she told me that indeed she was. One of my partners, Mark, did not hear this little exchange between the two of us.

    In a bit I had her sit up on her bed so we could hook her up to my cardiac monitor, etc. Mark, not wanting to tower over her at his full height, took a knee in front of her and was helping do something (I think he was putting slippers on her feet to make her more comfortable.) When he looks up, the good sister had her knees just far enough apart that he ended up looking straight up her nightgown.

    I moved in to help get her covered up, and said something to her, making sure that I called her "Sister Mary". Mark looked up at me, turning first white then bright red. As he stood up he leans to my ear and says, "Great. I'm going straight to hell for this one." From that day on, whenever anyone did anything stupid we would all say, "Yes, but at least you didn't look at a nun's panties."

    Good times.

  4. OMG, Kim COUNTED THE POST-ITS! (I first typed that as postits, but it looked like a bad word, so I added the hyphen ...) At first I was going to say this guy has way too much time on his hands, but now I think Kim is in the running. ;-)

    BTW, this video reminds me of a story. I was in a team meeting one time and one of the guys, obviously a little bored, had his head back and was looking at the ceiling. Finally our Manager asked him a question, and without blinking, he looked at her and instead of addressing the question, he said, "Did you know there are 112 ceiling tiles in this room?" Yes, he is still there (like me, cannot afford to retire). It was really funny at the time.

    Maybe you had to be there....

  5. I think i love kim and leslie- don't tell my husband,

    love always, Cletus

    WV:ubapoxy- what people in Africa say instead of epoxy.

  6. OMG that video, OMG one of your readers counted them! OMG that man said that in the meeting... This is toooo funny, thanks for sharing :)


  7. Hey Leslie...I do have too much time on my hands sometimes, but to my credit I did the old math trick of counting all of them across one time and then all of them down one time and just multiplied to get the total number. (Didn't want everyone to think I was getting all "Five minutes to Wapner" over here!)

    Have a great day!

  8. I sooooo enjoy getting your updates everyday. I am a SAHM and it makes my day when you share the cool things going on in the world that I am sometimes too busy to find myself.

  9. i think "postits" would be a funny word verification.

    Where's the KYD? Probably sleeping- and that's O.K....... I guess. Cletus would much rather that she was awake and chatful. Chatful, BTW, is not a word except in Cletus' mind and we all know that mind is exceptionally brilliant.

  10. not really, i lied. bout the cletus thing anyway.

  11. When is that truck load of post it notes due? Again.


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