Friday, June 19, 2009

What Color Means

Sometimes, when there's something really important to say - and I mean really important - you don't say it with a speech or a thesis or an equation. The most important things in the world are communicated with the very simplest things.

Examples? A hug. A kiss. A wink. A smile.



Want a song to make the point? Try this

Each of these communicate a powerful idea with just color. It's why Black Widows are black and red, and Tigers are orange and black.

Color is understood by every living creature instantly, and always means something. Sometimes it's the difference between life and death.

This week, we had green, the color of the protest in the Iranian election. Doesn't matter why, doesn't matter what it means - it is green. And as you remember it, for whatever it becomes later, you will without thinking, remember the color of the images.
Suddenly, one day, someone came up with a one-click green overlay for users' icons on Twitters to show solidarity with the idea of democracy. My timeline filled up with sort of ghostly green versions of my Tweople. It was interesting. There was very little talk, and a sea of twittery green.

All of our technology, all of our news, and blogs, and RSS feeds, and streaming video, and it all is clearly, perfectly, wordlessly communicated with just... green.

As an artist, I couldn't resist it. So today I don't think I'll give you a whole card. I think I'll just give you some color. The primary colors, to be exact.

I know everyone has been talking about their new SU goodies, and I also know times are hard for many many crafty people across the red, white & blue. So I would say that you don't need something new to make something new. I went for the Watercolor Wonder Crayons. I bought these when they first came out and they're still among my faves. So easy to use. Just little scribbles of color
and blend with an aquapainter. I used watercolor paper.

And a few final things.

I'm way behind on my Maddie stamp notecard sets, so please forgive me. They're coming! :)

Second, I am doing the 48 hour film competition this weekend, so wish me luck. I won't get much sleep!

Third, I got my Sockington shirt the other day and it's sooooo cute! He said to send pics of them in and I did and I was the first one and won his secret Sockington contest.. Here is his four footed bloggings about it.

Of course, as Linda calls them - S&M (hee hee) - could care less and wonder when they're getting their own website with 600,000 followers.

For various reasons, we believe one of their parents was a Siamese. Head shape, vocalization, their body type. What's funny is that Maddie has a normal Siamese howly talk. Splotchy however, has a crazy squeak that is a cross between the mermaid noises Darryl Hannah made in Splash, and a coyote. I'll have to record it.

Until then, Splotchy and his sleepy shadow would like to say TGIF.

Have you signed up for the UBlue Cyber Club? Attended one of my Webinars?? Come on - get your geek on! :)

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  1. ~~~
    Wonderful musings on the power of simplicity in communication.

  2. I really enjoyed this post, Lydia. The Twitter green experience really moved me, and you captured an aspect that I might not have noted otherwise.

  3. It's so true. How something as simple as color can totally convey a message.

    Like when I see the color Pink, I think of girls, baby girls, and breast cancer.

    Good luck this weekend.


  4. Good luck on the video-ing this weekend. Am so busy here also but have been thinking about colors as far as father's day is concerned. Manly, male colors.

    WV: hormotop- definition: the peak of menopause. used in a sentence: I realized I was at my hormotop when I was getting crabby and having coomas from hot flashes!

  5. Feel your kitty cat's there a bump along them? Thats a sign os Siamese cats...story was something along the lines of the Emperor tying a knot in their tails for some reason...will have to intergooglenet it and see what the story was.

    as is almost cool enough to wear WOOLANs today :-)

  6. Color leads my life like a electric dog collar. Some better than others.
    I wanted to say thanks for the great compliment and for stopping by. I really appreciate that. I wouldn't miss a day of your site because it is just so cool.
    My ephemera site for stamps is
    They are a great site for beginners. I never came away from there feeling dumb! Enjoy your sleepless weekend.

  7. Pretty Blue Birdies on the card, I love them.

    Not much else to say today Lydia, sorry, been a little under the weather the past two days.

    Good luck with the videos this weekend.




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