Thursday, June 25, 2009

If You've Never...

Had a 10 minute conversation with the guy who works the drive through at your Starbucks, you need a different Starbucks. But I bet you have. I did today.

They all know me - all four stores I visit. They know my name, they know my drink, they know I'm an artist...

Why is it that when I do so many things repetitively - the same Chick Fil A, the same Taco Bueno, the same grocery store - that it is only Starbucks where they know my name, my voice & car at the drive through (if they see my car I don't even have to order at the menu board - they just say "Drive on up!")?

Why can no one else deliver that connection with their product?

I guess the answer is, they can, but they don't. They have other measurements they strive for. Total order cycle time, maybe. Food cost goals, maybe.

I remember our goals when I worked at McDonald's. Cleanliness. Consistency. Politeness and Respect. But not a relationship. Not anything that transcended the transaction, so much.

Transcendence is nice. I'll just call this Transcendent Thursday.

This card is for my home girl Angela, who needed a birthday card for a boy.

I thought that even though it has a little ribbon on it that it might be okay for a boy. What do you think?

I used the new Bermuda Bay ink and cardstock, the new DSP, and that gorgeous Autumn Days set I got to preorder. I outlined the bird in black and highlighted him with a brown gel pen. The greeting is also a preorder - Teeny Tiny Wishes, stamped in Soft Suede - one of the new in colors.


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  1. One of my main gripes on my B1tchin' blog is the lack of customer service these days. I tend to boycot places that pi$$ me off, so I can not go too many places any more. But I LOVE my mechanic! Talk about 10-minute conversations!

    I think that's why I like this stampin' gig so much - it's all about the personal connection, both with my classes and at my markets.

    And you are going to MAKE me get thsi set eventually. :-) I think it is the only one I did not pre-order.

  2. Lovely card. I think it looks like a good card for a guy.

    But I made my step-dad and fil a card using Leonard the pig from DRS.


  3. I will drive farther, wait longer and spend more for good customer service. For a more personal touch. I appreciate a business that appreciates my business. ;)

  4. Very nice card! I am with you on the entire customer service issue. When I find a place that knows me and goes out of the way to make me feel welcome, well, I am their customer forever. AMEN!

    We are on our way to the World of Sea...drove down to San Antonio last night to spend the night with the hubby. This time I will remember sunscreen on my face! See you soon...

  5. I used to be a Starbucks regular & it was always a pleasure to be recognized and remembered & to have chats with the servers. I always got them all Xmas gifts every year. But since the economy withered, I have not been a regular in over a year. I miss it.

  6. Lydia,

    Girlfriend I could not agree with you more on the restaurant stuff. We have a restaurant that we visit once per week because of the fresh hot food, fast and extremely friendly service. They simply ask us as soon as we walk in if we are having the usual, and it hits our table in the snap of a finger.

    My hubby is an assistant manager for McDonald's, and is a very good people person. When ever he gets transfered to another location, he has regular customers that follow him to the new location even if it is not in their neighborhood. One elderly couple followed him to 3-4 locations until they could no longer drive due to age ailments. Makes me a proud wife!

    Oh, by the way.....Love that card and I am jealous because they recently had quality issues with Burmuda Bay ink, and I don't have mine yet. Boo Hoo. I have all the new colors but that one. Boo Hoo. I hate when these thing happen. Well, off to play with my new SU stuff.


    Lisa A.

  7. I think the ribbon is fine on the card. It could be defined as "manly" ribbon!

  8. Great card and ribbon can be appreciated by boys too.

  9. Same here! Love my Starbuck's. And great commentary on business priorities.

    Love the card - yup, perfecto for a boyo!


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